Sunday, January 29, 2012

Essie New Year's Eve: Trophy Wife

The last one in Essie's 2011 New Year's Eve Collection:
Trophy Wife

2 coats + 1 coat SV

Might have benefitted from a third coat,
but I was too lazy and tired after pole class.

Besides this is another one I didn't like
and is going into the purge.

Pretty teal-green colour with shimmer,
but gave me major lobster hands!

Pls do excuse the cuticles.
I'm having major problems with them right now,
and especially so after every pole lesson.

The last 2 are the indoor shots.

Ok. I know I swatched this one a day after the purge.
But if you want it,
the first person to call dibs gets it.
It'll be going for USD$4 (or a swap would be great too).


emmajoy said...

Aww, I actually liked Dive Bar and Trophy Wife a lot! Pity they didn't work for you.

Berry T said...

Dive Bar was ok actually, but nothing that I think I would reach for again. And since I told myself to be ruthless in de-stashing, why the hell not let it go to someon who'll love it more =)
Trophy Wife on the other hand was a sadz. Serious lobster hands! Never had it that bad!!

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