Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Essie Luxeffects: As Gold as it Gets + Cute Mom Story

For some reason,
almost every CNY,
my mom would take notice of my nails.
AND comment and/or give her take on it.

As you guys might have known,
mom isn't really the most supportive of my nail polish hobby.
But over the years,
she's sorta resigned,
came to terms with the fact that her daughter loves polish,
and does "funny things" (in her own words when telling relatives),
like go to the park downstairs to take pictures.

So I was helping her out in the kitchen,
when she saw my mani of OPI Glove You so Much.

Mom: "Aiyoh! It's CNY! Why you wear black polish?"
Me: "It's not black. It's a very deep red"

*Mom grabs my hands and peers closely*
Mom: "It looks black to me."
Me: "No mom. I'll show you what black is."

*Goes digging for bottle of OPI Black Onyx and Glove You so Much*
Me: "There you go. This is black. This is the one I used. It's red. Definitely not black"

*Mom inspects both bottles that I handed over*
Mom: "Aiyoh! Why the bottle so small, you also buy? So small, is it easy to paint?"
*Me trying to keep a straight face*
Me: "Not really. The brush is terrible sometimes."

*Mom opens the mini bottle to inspect the brush*
Mom: "Next time don't buy the small ones. So hard to paint. And this is not red. It's brown! Why you paint brown on CNY?"

*Clutching sides, trying not to laugh*
Me: "Ok, I'll go change it"

*Adds a layer of Essie As Gold as it gets and shows mom*
*Mom inspects hands again*
Mom: "Not red. But much better. This polish is so much nicer than the other one!"

So, here you go,
Another mani courtesy of mom =)

Since there was slightly stronger sun in the afternooon,
the first 2 pictures are my attempts at trying the capture the shimmer in the "brown polish"

Yeah. I kinda ran down after painting the first nail with the Essie when I saw the sun.
As mom would say, "Crazy girl!"

Here's the bottle shot of Essie As Gold as it Gets.

And here it is:
1 coat over the earlier Glove You so Much mani + 1 coat SV.

My bottle of the Essie came across as being thick and slightly on the goopy side.
But it's definitely jam-packed with those gold flakes.

I might wanna give it a few more tries before I add thinner to it.
It's nothing terribly unmanagable yet.

Best part, it's got mom's seal of approval!
"Not red but better!"

Next shot is taken indoors.

And the last one was in the lift.


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