Sunday, January 8, 2012

Brand Feature of the Month: Misa Road Warrior

I was looking through my own blog a while back,
and I realised 2 things:
1) There are some brands which I hardly seem to feature on the blog
2) I would like to re-do some of the swatches and nail art of the past.
The pictures are just terrible.

So I've also decided to add in a Brand Feature of the Month series.
And this month,
I'm kick-starting it off with Misa.
For some reason,
Misa seems to get neglected a lot.

Misa Road Warrior.
I've done this one before,
but I feel it deserves better pictures,
even if it does not really suit my skin tone.

3 coats + 1 coat SV
Accent = 2 coats Lippmann Devil in a Blue Dress + 1 coat Road Warrior + 1 coat SV

I think duochrome/multichrome polishes look different in different lights,
so I took pictures in various kinds of lighting conditions.

All these are the ones in sunlight.

Here's how the bottle looks in my office's florescent lights

And how the polish looks on the nails under the same florescent lights.

In the taxi with the sun on the nails.

In the taxi minus the sun.


♥beauxs mom said...

i think its very pretty, i dont own any misa but i want to someday.

Berry T said...

I really hope you do! Misa has some pretty cool duochromes. I might have a couple up for January's purge too. I'm in the process of sorting out the stash again, so keep your eyes peeled k

Liz said...

Haha, I love how you took pics in the taxi! I wish Misa was more easily accessible, because then I'd own much more. I've only been able to find them online. :/

Berry T said...

Heh. I'm used to the weird stares from the drivers whenever I do nail shots in the taxis. So far, no one has asked or said anything funny either, so that's cool =)
And I know how you feel about Misa too! I get most of mine online or from blog sales/swaps. It is definitely a pity that they just aren't as easily accessible!

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