Friday, January 20, 2012

Brand Feature of the Month: Misa Bo-Jangles

Next one to head into the purge pile:

Misa Bo-Jangles

3 coats + 1 coat SV

Previously, I had already wanted to purge this,
but held back because I was always afraid that I'll regret doing it.

I'm quite determined to do so this time though.

Because I never even once reached for it since the first time I swatched it.

And I hate the way it looks on me.

Next 2 pictures were taken in the office under florescent lights

It's a pretty pink-orange/copper duochrome,
but I just can't agree with it.

Last picture was shot in a taxi (as usual).

Do you guys ever have polishes that you don't really like,
but would be too afraid to purge?


Simona said...

Have you tried any layering with this one? I kinda see it becoming very rich on a dark base. I would definitely not purge it!

All Things Shiny said...

I agree with Simona I would def try putting it over some darker colours. Dark blue maybe? Or even a dark pink? Could look good :)

Berry T said...

Simona, All Things Shiny,
LoL. Yes, I've done it over a dark base actually, but still don't really like it. I think I'm biased against it! LoL. Plus, I really really need to destash, so I have to be ruthless!

lilacsrip said...

Yes this problem applies to my three my pinks! They look pretty in online swatches, but when on my nails, I find it so weird looking! I keep telling myself, if I purge them, I won't have any pinks in my stash!

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