Tuesday, January 24, 2012

BFTP: OPI I'm Wishing for Red mini: Glove You so Much

Ok, this one's the last of the Blast from the Past series for this month.

From the 2009 Holiday Wishes collection,
OPI I'm Wishing for Red mini set:
Glove You so Much.

3 coats + 1 coat SV

Actually, this one was ok in 2 coats.

But for some reason,
my hands kept hitting the bottle while I was painting the nails.

Seriously. It's a freaking mini bottle.
But you know the number of times I kept hitting it accidentally?!

Like some damn magnetic force that the nails needed to keep "kissing" that damn bottle.

Glove You so Much is a deep maroon shimmer.
Kinda reminds me of velvet actually.

Oh! Forgot to add.
The pictures were taken in overcast skies.
So while the sun peeked through,
it wasn't enough to let the shimmer in the polish show through.

The last 2 pictures here are the indoor shots.

No worries,
I didn't forget about Smitten with Mittens.
It's just that I managed to snag myself a BN bottle of it,
so I have the full-sized Smitten with Mittens on its way to me now.
I kinda figured that I can now purge/give away this entire mini set
(with the Smitten with Mittens mini untouched)
for someone else who's been lemming it.


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