Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sephora Collection No 57

Ok, I need some help with the name of this one here.

Sephora Collection No. 57

I know these have names.
So I checked on the Sephora site and it says
L57 - My First Lip Kiss
(pinkish red with pink glitter)

2 coats + 1 coat TC (combined SV with OPI Rapidry)

And while my camera isn't picking up the colour accurately,
which should be a tad more purplish and a tone darker,

I'm pretty sure camera and I can tell that
this ain't any pinkish red with pink glitter

And it looks nothing like the colour drop on the website.
Yeah. Yeah.
I know. A lot of sites have colour drops that look nothing like the polish IRL
But this one is way way off.

Google isn't helping much either.

So can someone enlighten me?
What is the actual name of this polish?
Or am I looking at the wrong stuff in the wrong place?

Monday, January 30, 2012

China Glaze Let it Snow: Tinsel Town

The last one in the China Glaze Let it Snow collection:
Tinsel Town

3 coats, no TC

This one was just a quick swatch,
so I didn't really bother with TC or cleanup.

Another winner from China Glaze.
Love how super blingy this one is even without TC

However, like Twinkle Lights,
I think I'll rather wear this one for a glitter gradient.

I think I'm kinda glittered out for now.
There's been a hell lot of glitters being released recently.
So much so now I find myself wanting to reach for cremes.

Last 2 are indoor pictures.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Essie New Year's Eve: Trophy Wife

The last one in Essie's 2011 New Year's Eve Collection:
Trophy Wife

2 coats + 1 coat SV

Might have benefitted from a third coat,
but I was too lazy and tired after pole class.

Besides this is another one I didn't like
and is going into the purge.

Pretty teal-green colour with shimmer,
but gave me major lobster hands!

Pls do excuse the cuticles.
I'm having major problems with them right now,
and especially so after every pole lesson.

The last 2 are the indoor shots.

Ok. I know I swatched this one a day after the purge.
But if you want it,
the first person to call dibs gets it.
It'll be going for USD$4 (or a swap would be great too).

Saturday, January 28, 2012

The First Purge for 2012

As usual, the rules of the purge:

Locals and internationals all welcome.
Any transaction will be done via paypal or POSB bank transfer.
All prices are in USD!

Internationals, I will only send via registered post.
Will send shipping quote after confirmation of order.

Please place your order in the comment section by stating which ones you would be interested in.
Please remember to leave your email so that I am able to get in touch with you.

Open to swap offers as well.
Need cash and need to de-stash as well,
It doesn't have to be a 1-for-1 swap!

And current polishes I'm interested in are:

1) Zoya Gaia
2) Essie Size Matters
3) OPI No Bees Please
4) OPI Mod About You

Polishes being purged this month are:

Essie Dive Bar - $4 *sold*
Essie Monkey Business - $4

Rubi Shoes in Sky - $1
Color Club Who are You Wearing? - $2 *sold*

Etude House #43 - $4 *sold*
Orly Satin Society - $2 *sold*

BYS Kung Fu Blue - $4
Milani Key Lime Shine - $2

Misa Bo-Jangles - $4 *sold*
Sally Hansen Royal Romance - $2
Essie Sexy Divide Mini - $1 *sold*

P2 Crackling Topcoat in Black Explosion - $2
Sally Hansen Sequin Scandal - $3 *sold*

OPI Ulta Tiny Tinsels 2009 set:
Amethyst Twist, Berried in Gifts, Silves Belles - $4 *sold*

Ok. That's it for now.

Friday, January 27, 2012

China Glaze Let it Snow: Twinkle Lights

Another polish that the mom was absolutely delighted with:
China Glaze Twinkle Lights

3 coats + 1 coat Glitter Tamer + 1 coat SV

Even with the foil method,
removal was still hell.

Super bling-tastic though,
and really gorgeous.

But at the moment,
I'll rather save that glitter for doing glitter gradients.
I think Twinkle Lights make for awesome glitter gradients.

The last 2 pictures are indoor shots.

And this round, I've also included a vid to show you the bling-ness of this polish.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

CNY Nail Art: 五福临门 (Wu Fu Lin Men)

As much as mom approved of the previous layering mani.
it didn't really call out to me.
The mani didn't even last 2 hours,
and I decided to remove it for nail art instead.

Here are the items used for my second CNY nail art

Essie As Gold as it Gets,
Zoya Nidhi,
Konad Special Polish in Black Gold,

Konad plate S4

Got the image off google.
I couldn't find my own pictures of my konad plates!
Guess I probably have to re-take all of them! Argh!

And here's the nail art.
Please do excuse the extremely dry skin around the nails.
It's the result of too much cooking and washing over the past few days.
And this was even after I had already moisturised!
So you can just imagine how bad it really is.

My mom dubbed this set of nail art:
五福临门 (Wu Fu Lin Men)

The literal translation:
The five fortunes have arrived at the door.

Actually I'm not sure how many people are aware of this,
but traditionally, these five fortunes refer to:
Virtue, and
a natural death.

Yeah, it's interesting how death made its way into a traditional CNY greeting.

Picture above is the indoor shot.

Last one is the lift shot.

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