Thursday, December 15, 2011

Part 2: Local Nail Mail's here!

Ok. Part 2 of the "Holy Cow! How did I spend so much" haul.
Here are the ones that I ordered from local ebay seller opi*licious:

The entire Orly Mineral FX collection,
which includes:

Rock Solid,

Rock the World,
Stone Cold,

Rock It,
and Rococo A-Go-Go

And another 2 more Orlys from their Holiday Soiree Collection:
Au Champagne,
and Androgynie.

Initially I only wanted Androgynie from this collection,
until I saw someone's online swatch
(again I cannot remember whose!)
then I added in Au Champagne to my order.

The Holiday Soiree polishes also come with a little mini file!
How adorable!

2 of the Essie Luxeffects:
Pure Pearlfection,
and Essie As Gold As It Gets

I didn't get Shine of the Times.
Since it has been widely reported that its a dupe of Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure,
I figured I didn't need it then =)

I also got the China Glaze Eye Candy collection:

Lorelei's Tiara,
Some Like it Haute,

Marry a Millionaire
(heh. I wish I could),
Material Girl,

and Love Marilyn.
I'm really glad I got every bottle in the silver caps!
I'm anal.
It would have driven me nuts if I had one that was a black cap!

I also got the CND Stickey Anchoring Base Coat to try.
I've heard much rave on NB for this BC.
Since I don't like Orly Bonder,
I'm hoping this would be the next great alternative.

My friend decided that Baileys should take an interest in his mama's hobby!

I still have those that I ordered from overseas sites that are not here yet.
I'll post then as and when they arrive.
I definitely have more than enough polishes to drool over! =)


Astrella said...

*Drooooooolllllllllll* I love theseeee. Nail mail are the best! Waiting for the swatch of both those Eye Candy and Mineral FX :D

WildHeart said...

What is Bailey? He's SOOOOOO adorable, but I can't quite figure out what kind of critter he is. Please write a bio about Bailey!

Berry T said...

I'll definitely get to those collections but you might have to hang in there a while.I still have quite a bit of stuff to get through!

Baileys is a hamster. A roboski to be exact. I did a short paragraph on him earlier but ok, I'll do a proper one on him ;)

Rebecca said...

I thot I was spening way too much, bt you make me feel better! :) And yay, ur hamster is alright :))

Berry T said...

LoL! Well, I'm glad at least someone is feeling better with my spending! Ha! And yups! Baileys has recovered and he's doing great. In fact, he's put on a lot of weight since! He's now like a fur ball!

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