Tuesday, December 6, 2011

My 2011 Top 20

Here's my Top 20 as promised.
In alphabetical order:

1) Chanel Peridot

2) China Glaze CG in the City

3) China Glaze It's Alive

4) China Glaze Trendsetter

5) Clarins 230
I think I need to re-swatch this one.

6) Elianto Racing Green

7) Essie Starry Starry Night

8) Flormar U31

9) GOSH Holographic

10) Holika Holika #18 Star Khaki

11) Kleancolor Chunky Black Holo
Pic is Clarins 230 over Kleancolor Chunky Holo Black over Flormar U31

12)Lippmann Across the Universe
Since I haven't posted this one up yet,
I'll do a proper single post for this one in a few days.

13) Lynnderella Connect the Dots
Pic is Lynnderella CtD over Zoya Yummy

14) Lynnderella Gotta Love Brains
Same thing, I'll do a proper post for this one later.

15) Lynnderella Mercurial
Pic is Lynnderella Mercurial over Zoya Kelly

16) Make Up Store Linnea
Pic is MUS Linnea over OPI Black Onyx

17) OPI My Private Jet
Pic is OPI MPJ over OPI Black Onyx

18) OPI Red My Fortune Cookie
This one's my lucky charm!
How can I not include it in the Top 20!

19) pa Q21
Pic is pa Q21 over pa A32

20) SpaRitual Sacred Ground


Sirena Sparklestar said...

Love it! So many awesome polishes!

Kayleigh said...

What an awesome selection you've got there in your top 20! *Twinkling Eyes* So many lemmings!!! =]

Laura said...

Great top twenty! Peridot and Linnea are in mine too. :)

Berry T said...

Haha. You guys had no idea how difficult it was to get this out! At one point, I had like 57 polishes! I had a headache narrowing it down to 20 ;)

Astrella said...

The original MPJ is sooo gorgeous! Awesome awesome collection and top 20 :D

Berry T said...

Thank you Astrella!

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