Saturday, December 10, 2011

Jeans War: Chanel Coco Blue vs Nubar Faded Jeans

Next up in the Jeans War series:
Chanel Coco Blue vs Nubar Faded Jeans

I need to find a better way to get these bottle comparison shots.
Mine suck.

Pinky + Middle fingers = Chanel Coco Blue
Ring + Index fingers = Nubar Faded Jeans

Both are 3 coats each + 1 coat TC

Again, no visible difference in colour tones.

But this time round,
I found that I preferred the formula of the Chanel one as compared to the Nubar.

Despite the friendlier brush,
I found that the Nubar tended to streak,
and I had a harder time trying to get smooth, even coats.

In fact, Coco Blue went on a hell lot smoother.
On some nails,
I could even have gotten away with 2 coats.
Faded Jeans however, really needed the 3rd coat to even things out.
I actually even contemplated doing a 4th coat for my index finger.

All right then.
So far, its 1-1
Let's see how the last one swings.


Laura said...

I've dropped some big hints that I'd love to have the Nubar Jeans collection for Xmas... I hope it happens, I'm so glad these are perfect dupes for the Chanels!

Berry T said...

These Nubars are spot on dupes. I really hope someone gets your hints and gets you the set. The colours are really gorgeous ;)

gunmetal jeans said...

It's Cool thanks for sharing ,Gunmetal

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