Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Jeans War: Chanel Blue Rebel vs Nubar Dark Wash Jeans

Here's the last instalment of the Jeans War Series.
Yeah. Finally.

Chanel Blue Rebel vs Nubar Dark Wash Jeans

Pinky + Middle fingers = Chanel Blue Rebel
Ring + Indec fingers = Nubar Dark Wash Jeans

2 coats for each polish + 1 coat TC

Pls ignore the lousy cuticles and skin.
This is a combination of air-conditioning,
over use of grip powder,
and testing a new hand lotion which is absolutely not working for me.

Anyway, if you can tell from the pictures,
finally, these two are not dupes for each other.

Blue Rebel is actually a slightly lighter shade,
and comes across as more blue.
The tone difference is most apparent in bright lighting,
and especially under the sun.

Personally I very much prefer the Chanel one,
which came as a surprise to me.
I was ready to diss the Chanel one.

But in this instance,
not only did I prefer the tone on me,
the Chanel actually wore just that slight better than the Nubar!
Surprise and Shock!
I spotted a chip in the Nubar the next afternoon and tipwear
before I saw the same effect in the Chanel just a couple hours later.

Darn. Ok.
Maybe the Chanels aren't that bad afterall.


Jacqui said...

Thanks for the comparison! I used to be able to count on Chanel having terrible wear but now that the formula has gotten better, I can't resist the special collections!

Berry T said...

You're welcome Jacqui! I did not expect to like the Chanel better but now that I do, like you, I'm not going to be able to resist future collections too!

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