Monday, December 12, 2011

Holy Cow! Awesome Nail Mail + Haul (Part 1)

Ok. I have a lot of goodies coming my way this month.
Seriously a lot.
I got an OMG awesome swap package all the way from France,
courtesy of Marie of blog Mon Coin a Moua.
(Thank you so much babe!)
And I hauled.
Major ass hauling.
You'll see

First up,
I went back to Watsons to check out more of the Golden Rose polishes.
Plus someone stole my bottle of Golden Rose #60 that I hauled the last round!
I was so pissed,
but I had to get another bottle.
So that I can swatch that #60 soon.
Then I can recognise the dumb ass who dares to nip my polish!
Right off my work station to boot!

There's been a damn thief in the office lately.
Nothing major has gone missing,
but stuff like someone's ice cream in the office freezer,
a box of chocolates, office stationery supplies, boxes of fruits on tables,
and even the soft toy on my table has gone missing!
Dumb ass probably thought I wouldn't realise that I'm missing a bottle.
What saddens me most is that it is very likely an inside job.

Ok. Side-track.
Back to the haul.
Here's the new Golden Rose polishes that I brought back with me:

#70 & #94
I think both of these are meant more for layering.
And they look either like gold flakies or weirdly shaped gold glitter.
I'm not very sure cos it's a little hard to tell in the bottle

#37 & #69

#63 & #226

And while at Watsons,
I also found this!

The Revlon counter had a stand that had all the Scented polishes
and wait... there's more!

The freaking Revlon Top-Speeds!!

I was so excited!
Until I saw the damn price!
$12.90 for the Scented polishes
and $14.90 for the Top-Speeds!
WTH! Talk about feeling let-down!

So I put back Jelly, Cloud, Hazy, Chili, Guava, Electric and a couple more.

But oh well.
If you desperately need Revlon Royal in your life,
its now available in Sg.
(I'm glad I got mine in a blog sale)

To make myself feel happier about not getting the Revlons,
I stopped by another drugstore Guardians
and got myself these LA Girl polishes:

Color Addict in Idol & Disorder.
Been lemming after these after seeing swatches.
The other one that I wanted (but was out of stock) is Intoxicate.
These are $9/bottle by the way.

And on the way back,
I walked past the Beauty Credit store,
and saw that they had a polish gift set deal.

So I got these 3: #03, #16 and #17

And it comes with a free strawberry-scented nail polish remover.

This duo came along when I was shopping for swaps:

pa A24 & AA14

Then while browsing blogs,
I came across the awesome cat-shaped bottles of the Korean brand Peripera.
And knew I just had to get my hands on them.
So I placed an online order for:

P032 & P027
Don't they look cool?!
And that duochrome that is P027!
Can't wait to try that one out!

While browsing through their site,
they also had this limited edition collection.
I thought the bottles were kinda pretty
so I got 2 of them to try as well:

PP109 & GR309

Another day while doing some Christmas shopping,
I passed by the Paul & Joe counter,
and they had their holiday collection out.
2 of them caught my eye and came home with me:

#021 Hallelujah! and #022 O. Holy Night
Don't you think that glitter in Hallelujah! looks awesome?

Then at the MAC counter,
the Gareth Pugh collection:

Hyper & Ascension

View from the top to give you a better sense of the multi-chrome.
Man... these were ex!
$43 a bottle!
That's even more than a Chanel!
The most I have ever forked out for a nail polish
(except Clarins 230 - but that's different!)
But the SA told me that they only have fewer than 50 bottles brought in.
Seriously?! Why?!
But yeah. Sold.

Then the most awesome swap package arrived on my table.

Check out the size of the parcel!
I used the Paul & Joe polish as a gauge for measurement.
The box was even bigger than the monitor screen of my office computer!

You wanna see what's inside?

First up,
an amazing assortment of stuff.
From the most adorable earrings, to a little purse, to lotions and creams!

P2 treatment and nail art glitters
Goodness! The glitters are too pretty!
I can't wait to use them for some nail art!
Especially that red one!

And yummy chocolates that heh...
are now in my family's and my tummies

But brace yourself for the awesome polishes to come.
I squealed so much in office,
one of my bosses came over to look.
And she was so amazed that people do such stuff as
"swapping" and "sending all these stuff all across land and ocean".
And heh. I think she let me take all these photos
cos she wanted to see for herself the pretties,
before she shoo-ed me off to yet another meeting.

What I think is Catrice I Wear My Sunglasses at Night
(cos I really couldn't read the words off the bottle!)
& Catrice After Eight

Catrice Sir! Yes, Sir! & Catrice Forget-Me-Not!

Essence Make it Golden & Time for Romance

Essence Circus Confetti, Just Can't Get Enough & Waking Up in Vegas.
That's a glitter, a holo and a flakie in there!
*nail polish orgasm*

Manhattan Party Glam Nail Polish in 47T & 66G

p2 Crackling Topcoat in Violet Fusion & Color Play #91

And lastly my first Kiko Polish in #354.
Awww.... Isn't she a beauty?!

Ok. Nail polish heaven right?!
Man. I don't know where I should start swatching!
It's like everything is calling out to me at once!

And that's not the end of the haul for this month!
I'm expecting a hell lot more actually...

The CC Beyond the Mistletoe set,
The ChG Eye Candy set,
Orly Mineral FX set,
a couple of Essie Luxeffects,
a couple of the Orly Holiday Holiday Soiree,
more Lynnderellas,
the RBL Tudor BIB,
some BB Couture from Overall Beauty.
AND I still have a couple of swaps pending.

Geez. I've been spending haven't I?!



Wow cant wait for the swatches to create more lemmings for me! LOl! I wish I could swap international..USPS is screwing with us. The closetest I can get is Canada, cuz Im in michigan lol! Im on pins and needles!!

Jacqui said...

Holy amazing haul!!! I love seeing foreign polish spam. I can't wait for part 2!!

Simona said...

Holy haul! Lov everything esp. the Paul&Joe Holy Night and the duochrome Periphera! 43$ for the MAC?! That's a steal, I can't even think of it. Hope you'll like the Kiko btw, it's an Italian brand, and I'm Italian so... proud to have at least a good brand (no, seriously, we have about 5 or 6 great brands over here). That one is a LE and I don't know if the quality is the same as the regular line. The finish I love most by Kiko is creme, they know how to do those!

MsNeverEarly said...

Those Periperas are niiice! Where 'dya get them? I'm a fellow polish addict from Sg btw. =D

Anonymous said...

hello! may i know which Watsons you visited? :) thank you for all the great posts!

Berry T said...

Just curious, what sort of problems do you have with USPS? I have been swapping with US babes and buying polishes from US online sites too and it seems ok thus far. No problems at all. Maybe you might wanna check around? At least then you can get started on international swaps. These are the BEST!

LoL! I can't wait for all of Part 2 to get to me too!

Oh My! Is $43 a steal for the MAC? How much are they retailing over at your end then?! I dread to think of the price you guys must be shelling out!! AS for the Kiko, I'm in absolute love with the online swatches and the bottle! It's probably going to be one of the first ones I'll use once I get the December collections swatched! (Darn my own schedule! I shouldn't have been so ambitious to want to swatch so many collections this month!)

*waves to fellow Singaporean and LoLing at your userid!* Are you really always never early? Anyway, in response to your qn, I bought the Peripera online from this site:
But I've seen some of the cosmetics stuff at the Watsons in Bugis. Just not the nail polish. HTH!

I was at the Watsons in Jurong Point. I've also seen these at the Tampines one. I think the bigger Watsons outlets are more likely to carry them. HTH!

hermetic said...

whoa, that's some huge amount of polishes, I'm loving them all especially those Golden Rose, haven't seen them around here, and those Korean brands. I also wouldn't know where to start ;)

MissNeverEarly said...

Haha, I'm not only 95% never early, but 95% never on time either =D Whoa those Periperas aren't cheap! Have you tried I saw some there for about 8 to 13 SGD that ships directly from Korea with free unregistered mail, it looked so tempting! P.S I bought Essie Da Bush from you hahah

Kayleigh said...

This is the craziest haul ever! And it comes in 2 parts X_O Looking forward to the swatches!!!

Berry T said...

LoL! I just did the Peripera duochrome! And its AMAZING!

Ah ha! I remember you! Ms Da Bush! ok, I never thought of looking at gmarket! *Slaps forehead* Should have done that!

I know! I know! I just did a calculation of the amount I spent on polishes this month! I think I shocked myself!
No more till the OPI Holland collection!

royalmilktea said...

Oooh I always love seeing your polish hauls, this one was aawwesome! Can't wait to see the PeriPeras-- been thinking of getting some too! Sorry I've been out of touch for a while, the moving process has taken quite a while but we got our house and are all settled. I'd still really love to swap with you for Elianto Racing Green and would love to find some colors for you! I can even look for some of those Revlons if you would like. Shoot me an email anytime. Talk to you soon! (Rachel)

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