Saturday, December 24, 2011

Essie New Year's Eve: Steel-ing the Scene

Before I get to today's post,
there's a couple of announcements to be made.

1) There will be no purge for this month.
I've sent away (or am sending away) several polishes in swaps,
and as such,
I don't have any new polishes for purge.
The ones available are the same ones in the November purge
which you can view if you click on the link in the side bar to your right.

2) Given the gloomy weather Singapore has been experiencing,
I have no hopes of finishing the collections that I aimed to do so this month.
I'll try to do whatever I can,
and complete them in January.

Ok. Back to today's post.
Actually I didn't have much hopes that I could get pictures today.
But as I was leaving my house,
there came this brief spot of bright sunshine.
These were the only pictures I managed to snap,
before the rain came down again.

Essie Steel-ing the Scene from their New Year's Eve collection.
This collection actually comprises of re-promotes,
none of them are new colours in that sense.

3 coats + 1 coat TC

I actually bought this bottle a few years back.
Never got around to using it because I regretted getting it immediately.
Doesn't suit my skintone at all.

Otherwise I would think is this could be an interesting polish.
It's not exactly grey or silver.
In some lights, it looks brownish,
and at other times, a little sage green.

I don't know.
Does steel look like this?

And the finishing is interesting too.
It looked like it could be a frost or chrome when I applied it.
However, when the polish dried,
much of the brushstrokes also disappeared.

I was too tired last night to attempt,
but I'm curious to know how this would turn out with an additional sponged-on coat.

And here's the last picture I snapped before the rain came thundering down.

Hopefully there's be another brief spot of sunshine tomorrow!


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