Sunday, December 4, 2011

Disney Villians Nail Polish #53

Priscilla had wanted to know if this one's good =)

Rip off from MAC and Disney,
it's even labelled Disney Villians Nail Polish.
This one is #53.

Side view to show the polish.

And here is the mani.

3 coats + 1 coat TC

And would you believe it if I told you this was taken on Day 4?

It seriously wears well.
I even helped my mum out with some heavy chores at home on Day 3.
And the mani still held.

And I love the purple!
There's some depth to the colour,
such that it has that lit from within look.
Seriously pretty.

The reason I had this mani on for so long,
was because it's been raining everyday for the past few days.
So I have no chance to get decent shots at all.

But I didn't mind having such a pretty colour.
Plus it gave me a chance to test how well the polish can wear.

Well. It's a rip off.
But at SGD$2.90,
it sure is value for money!

If you're interested,
head to your nearest Watsons,
and check out their clearance bins.


Priscilla said...

Thanks for this post! Glad to know that it wears well for the price! (: Now I'm tempted to get one to try!

Berry T said...

You're most welcome! I'm tempted myself yto go back n see what other colours there is ;)

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