Sunday, December 11, 2011

Blast from the Past: OPI Ulta Tiny Tinsels 2009 Berried in Gifts

When I did my stash re-organisation into the new storage cupboard,
I realised just how many untrieds I have had.
Not surprising since I have been a polish fiend for a while.

Well, it got me thinking that I really need to get down to swatching some of the older polishes,
but I've been pre-occupied with the newer pretties that the polish companies have been churning out.

Hence, I got the inspiration to do a monthly "Blast from the Past" series.
In order to "force" myself to get through the untrieds,
I'm going to include an older collection to swatch every month.
This way,
I can get through the new collections
and not neglect the old ones still sitting in the cupboard.

So to kick off the first of this series,
I thought it would be apt if I did one of the Holiday collections:
the OPI Ulta 2009 Tiny Tinsels mini set.

Today's post will feature Berried in Gifts.

2 coats + 1 coat TC

This one is actually very photogenic.
So much so, I took a lot of pictures.

and when I had it on,
I thought to myself that this one could have easily fitted in with the Burlesque collection as well.

Wine red with sparkly pink/purple shimmer.

To be honest,
I was not expecting to be wow-ed by this one initially.
It looked really boring in the mini bottle.

I was kinda thinking that it would just be another boring wine red that OPI loves to churn out.

Unfortunately, it does not sit well with my Orly Bonder basecoat.
(Reminder to self: Need to post review of Bonder)

Chipped the next day
and I'm pretty sure it's Bonder's fault.

Last 2 are the indoor shots.


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