Friday, November 4, 2011

Tony Moly Galaxy Collection

Marie! If you're reading this,
you should take a look at this collection!

For 2 months,
I've walked into the shop countless times
just to look at this collection.

And everytime,
I had to drag myself away
and tell myself that I've busted the polish budget.
And that I cannot afford this collection.

But with every trip to the shop,
it got harder and harder to convince myself

I finally caved this past Wednesday night.
And bought the entire Tony Moly Galaxy Collection.
Yeah. All 5 of them.

GT01 Mercury,
GT02 Earth
GT03 Mars

GT04 Neptune
GT05 Jupiter

Interestingly, after I got home,
I realised that the tops of the caps were all embossed with the brand.
All except 1.

You guys wanna guess which one?


Pretty and Polished Lady said...

OMG I need to see these swatched asap!

Alexis said...

I want Jupiter.. So gorgeous!

Berry T said...

Ok! I get to these soon!

Elfin814 said...

I think Earth is the one without the brand on the lid... these are awesome!

Melissa Birch said...

What store sells these?

Anonymous said...

I am guessing it's Mercury. Hahas, and yes, do swatch them soon! They look crazily gorgeous :))

Berry T said...

The store is called Tony Moly. Its a Korean brand.

Elfin814, berylista,
I'll reveal the answer later! ;)

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