Wednesday, November 9, 2011

pa Q21 over pa A32

Ok. Today's post is pic-heavy.
I'm not going to say much,
but will just let the pictures do the work.

pa Q21
This one shot itself straight into my Top 10

1 coat of pa Q21 over yesterday's 3 coats of A32 + TC

pa Q21 is pretty complex.
There are larger hexagonal silver glitters,
smaller orange-gold square glitters,
and what I think are iridescent green square glitter that flash blue.
All these suspended in a sheer black base.

Personally, I think my pictures do it no justice.
My camera can't do this one proper.
It's a hell lot more gorgeous in real life.

I don't usually bring out my Nubar V for Men matte TC to play with.
But I really wanted to find out how this combo would do matte-wise.

Don't think I'm disappointed =)

Plus I think matte-wise,
the orange-gold glitters show up a wee bit more.

Which version do you guys prefer?
The shiny or the matte?


Laura said...

OMG that glitter is amazing! It does look great matte, but I think the shiny wins for me. :)

Berry T said...

I'm on the same page Laura!

Kayleigh said...

Yeah pa Q21 swatch! This one is definitely the no. 1 on my wishlist now. I've only seen pa Q21 over a black base colour, but it's also very pretty layered over a green base. Thank you for the beautiful swatch! =]

Berry T said...

You're most welcome Kayleigh! ;)

Lauren said...

Oh wow! I really, really want that!!!!

Anonymous said...

that's so pretty! may i know where to get these polishes from? thank you :)

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