Tuesday, November 8, 2011

pa A32

Hurray! There is sun!
Yay! Yippee!
And I get to show you an awesome green!

pa A32
I've been dying to try this one.
And the glitter one too!
I'll post the glitter tomorrow!

3 awesome coats + 1 coat TC

I don't know how to classify this finish.
It's like a cross between creme and jelly.
Really milky good.

Blue toned green with a hint of grey.
Kinda like a dusty muted forest green.

Even my mama who
1) isn't into "weird polish colours" and
2) doesn't fully support my polish hobby,
thought this was pretty!

Last 2 are indoor pictures

That being said,
you guys really need to watch for tomorrow's post.
I layered the pa glitter over this one.
And it is DA Gorgeous!


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