Friday, November 18, 2011

November Hauls

I seem to do really badly when it comes to the winter collections.
I over-spent again.
(So much for trying to save up for a trip)
but I do have new pretties to show you.

From a purge sale:

This first picture are all my serious drugstore lemmings:
Sally Hansen Sequin Scandal,
L'Oreal Owl's Night,
Revlon Royal Cloak

Now that I have both bottles with me,
I'm really curious as to how Sequin Scandal compares to Owl's Night.

Chinoiserie Halo,
Butter London Royal Navy,
and Essence Holografics in Blue Ray.

Both Halo and Royal Navy are my first bottles from the brands.
So I'm really interested to know how they apply.

Then I ordered from this local online site Nail Vibe:

Essie School of Hard Rocks,
Essie Bobbing for Baubles,
Essie Mademoiselle.

Yeah. I've been craving pale pinks recently for some weird reason.

my Bobbing for Baubles bottle came labelled as Brooch the Subject!
Heh. I'm pretty sure this ain't Brooch the Subject.
It made me smile though.

I also caved and got Zoya Yara and Neeka

Plus China Glaze Let it Snow collection:
Blue Year's Eve,
Twinkle Lights,
and Glittering Garland.

But that wasn't enough!
After seeing Scrangie's beautiful swatches,
the China Glaze Let it Snow collection really stalked my dreams.
So I went onto ebay and bought from local seller opi*licious:

I was actually floored when the seller recognised my username
and identified me from my blog!
Made my day!

Ring in the Red,
and Tinsel Town.

Essie's re-promotes for the "New Year's Eve" collection:
Trophy Wife and Dive Bar

and the Nubar Jeans collection!

I was very pleasantly surprised when she told me she had the Nubar Jeans collection coming in!
Why the hell not?
Especially since Nubars wear so much better on me than the damn Chanels.

Dark Wash Jeans,
Boyfriend Jeans,
and Faded Jeans

I going to compare these in the month of December.

Then lastly,
I went shopping for swaps.
Walked into Etude House and was introduced to the latest collection by the SA:

Nymph Aura Glam Nails kit

I was told that the last silver bottle on the right is a special effect polish.
Well, after getting the SA to explain,
it basically just means that its silver sparkle to go over the other 2 polishes for a different look.
Heh. We'll see.

So I'm going to be doing all these polishes in December.
Plus the Tony Moly glitters.
So keep an eye out if you're interested!


Sarah said...

Great hauls! I love the CG Christmas polishes!

Berry T said...

I couldn't stop dreaming of them ever since Scrangie swatched them!

Meekia said...

Wow... really a huge load of polishes! :) Do check out China Glaze's Eye Candy Collection!

Simona said...

Wow, that is an amazing bunch! Love most of them!!

Berry T said...

Meekia! *waves*
I have my eye on the China Glaze Eye Candy already! I think the glitters are going to put a huge hole in my pockets this time round! Plus the Orly Mineral FX!

I'm hoping to swatch most of them in Dec, so do keep a lookout =)

Amanda said...

Congratulations, Berry! I've nominated you for the Versatile Blogger award! Check it out here:

You totally deserve it. Much love x x

Kayleigh said...

wow^1000! Your monthly hauls are amazing, but no good for my heart...the lemmings caused rapid hearth beat =P Looking forward to all the swatches and the Tony Moly's...oh no...

Berry T said...

*blushes* Thanks for the award! xoxo

LoL. I already did one of the Tony Moly glitters. erm.... you better get a defibrillator!

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