Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Lynnderella Mercurial

Another one of the coveted Lynnderellas:

2 coats TC over 1 coat Mercurial over earlier Zoya Kelly mani

I have to say, these Lynnderellas eat TC.
They are like super hungry for them!

Harder than the usual glitters that I have to remove as well.
I have had to do the foil method twice every time I remove a Lynnderella mani.

Worth it though.
None of my usual glitters can match these Lynnderellas in beauty.

And now,
I find myself lemming Snow Angel
as well as some from her latest Funny Money collection.

Looks like when Llarowe stocks up on those Lynnderellas in Dec,
I'll be getting myself a x'mas pressie =P

Last one is the taken-in-cab shot.


Laura said...

Beautiful! I love the lavender that's mixed in there.

Berry T said...

ITA! I've been wondering if I layer Mercurial over a dark purple, would it bring out the lavender bits! Guess I'll hv to try one day! ;)

Yan said...

Hi can I ask how do u manage to purchase them? :D

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