Thursday, November 3, 2011

Lynnderella Connect the Dots

This is the one Lynnderella that I absolutely had to get my hands on:
Connect the Dots (CtD)

2 coats of CtD over 2 coats of Zoya Yummy
+ 1 coat TC

I had a little difficulty applying CtD,
until I figured out it was easier to drop some on the nail to spread around.

Actually I think a single coat of CtD would have sufficed.
But... erm... I was curious what 2 coats would look like,
and ended up having a hell of time when I had to remove the mani.

But it looked really awesome.
Everyone took notice of the nails
and complimented it =)

Made the pain of removing it all the more worth the while.

Curious though,
what other base colours would you guys suggest with CtD?


Sylvia said...

Such a beautiful polish! I'm curious how it looks like over a red base!

Kayleigh said...

what a polish! The name is great too...but what other base colour huh, that's a difficult one. I think grey base colours would also look good with the black n white glitter party =]

Sarah said...

Really any base color would look's an amazing polish.

Laura said...

So gorgeous, I love this one. I don't think I've met a Lynnderella I didn't like!

Berry T said...

Red, Grey and.... Anything!
Heh. Yeah. This is seriously one awesome polish!
Love! Love! Love!

greeneyespinknails said...

Oh lucky you! I've been wanting this polish for ages :)

Berry T said...

You have to get this! It's really beautiful!

Crystal Valentine-Burhans said...

I wish I had this one! I would layer it over any solid creme color other than black or white. How about layering it over a holographic?

FOREVER '92 said...

pretty awesome. Wish I could snatch that !

Berry T said...

Crystal Valentine-Burhans,
That's an awesome idea! Thank you! I've got Lady of the Lake waiting to try so I'll layer that!

Forever '92,
No! *hugs CtD to bosom*

Gwenn said...

I love it on the base you used, it's very cute !

Berry T said...

Thank you Gwenn!

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