Monday, November 7, 2011

The Faceshop GD112

Ok, today's polish isn't even one that I had planned on featuring this month.
But the weather here has been da gloom.

The last round I waited for 5 days to get shots of Warm & Fozzie.
I didn't want that to happen again yesterday when I saw the grey skies.

So I figured I'll just do the one polish that had me confused
and which I was pretty sure I wasn't going to keep.
I kinda figured that if there was no sun,
it won't be a major loss not getting pictures.

The Faceshop GD112.

2 coats + 1 coat TC

This one had me befuddled
because I have zero idea how this polish came to be in my stash.
I have absolutely no memory of this polish;
don't think it came in a swap,
neither do I think its a GWP
(since I rarely frequent the shop and hardly buy a lot),
and definitely rule out purchase
as this ain't a colour I would get.

It's almost like some polishes in my stash secretly made a baby
and hid the secret till the major move to the new cupboard got it exposed.

Gold-peach foil/chrome-like finish.
But the kind of gold-peach tone that I avoid like the plague.
Always looked like a million bucks on others,
but never on me.

Ah well.
There was a teeny bit of sun.
Enough for some shots after my pole dance practice.
So excuse the dried out hands k
since I used plenty of grip powder.

Hopefully there will be no more secret babies.


Laura said...

It's nice but not my kind of color either. LOL, it's funny how polishes seem to mysteriously reproduce sometimes!

Berry T said...

I'm keeping an eye on them! Hopefully no more hanky panky! LoL!

Rebecca said...

Hahas, it's a pretty kid!! :)) But it will be really cool if nail polishes can reproduce. Lols!

Berry T said...

Man! Just imagine the possibilities! Like if my Ozotics and Bloom decided to have babies, I think I will encourage all the hanky panky there is!

♥beauxs mom said...

so funny that it came out of nowhere, that's better than some
Disappearing I swear I've lost some like socks in the dryer!

Berry T said...

Have you ever wondered if dryers ate socks for meals? I've always thought they do whenever I hear this happens...

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