Friday, November 25, 2011

China Glaze Metro: Midtown Magic

First off, I have to again apologise for the pictures.
This time, I'm not blaming the weather and sunshine (or lack thereof),
but its my boss.

Serious. She was standing there watching me take these photos.
And I was totally unnerved by it all.
Not that my boss is against it or that I was doing it during company time.
(I usually take pictures during lunch break by the way)

In fact, she's been pretty cool about my hobbies.
Where else would you have bosses who ask about your hobbies,
doesn't blink an eye to wearing weird nail colours,
allow you to have s secret stash in the office,
and encourages you have a great time with it.

But erm... having your big boss watch on
and then offer to help take all ten nails?!
er.... yeah. Unnerved.
And I snapped all the pictures in a hurry as such.

Ok, the next one in the China Glaze Metro collection:
Midtown Magic

Ok, I admit.
I'm this close to being glittered out.
And I'm kinda tired of blues and purples for the moment.
Hence I haven't done the 2 glitters (CG in the City and Skyscraper) yet.

2 coats + 1 coat TC

I don't usually go for browns,
but this is definitely one brown polish that I can't see myself going back to.

Gold and red micro glitter suspended in a dark brown base.
And its sparkly in the sun too.

And as with most of my China Glaze,
no issues with application.

I'll wear this again for sure.
And erm.... re-take the pictures.
When boss isn't around to offer her help.


euzefelus_27 said...

wow nice color!!! and i would like to have a boss like yours!

Berry T said...

It's a really gorgeous take on brown polish. I love this one. As for boss, I think she's been great. But she can be scary too.

Fingers said...

Love this color! Just found your blog! Am a new follower!

Berry T said...

Thank you for reading & following!

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