Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Terracotta Warriors: The First Emperor & his Legacy

Last Monday, I visited the Asian Civilisations Musuem (ACM) to view one of their special exhibitions:
The Terracotta Warriors: The First Emperor and his Legacy.

Here's the link to the ACM's website write-up

Most of the photos I have are of the exhibits and their accompanying write-up.
So I won't be yakking much in this post.
This special exhibition was a small one,
and I merely spent about 2 hours going through the entire exhibition.
(I'm someone who will stop to read and stare and marvel at almost all exhibits by the way)
Nevertheless, it's pretty interesting,
and I've always been a sucker for ancient Chinese culture.
Plus, its an interesting and educational way to while away a few afternoon hours.

At the entrance of ACM

The counter where we got our tickets.

Prior to the actual exhibit,
you would be treated to a small installation art exhibition: Life after Death

Its a blend of pop art with traditional Eastern imaginery.
I kinda liked the one in this pic.
Little warriors with earphones!

Brief history on the First Emperor.

The rest are pics of the exhibits.

One of my favourites in the exhibition.
Would absolutely love to carry around such a dagger.
Of cos, I would also be in violation of the law if I really did.

They only brought in a few of the actual terracotta warriors.
I'll love to make a trip down to Xi'an, China one day to know more.

Ok, that's all I have for you today =)


Alexisaurus said...

I love exhibitions like this. They are stunning!! Looking at the artifacts sends me spiraling back in time. I hope this comes near me. Thank you for sharing this!


Berry T said...

You're most welcome Alexisaurus! I too love visiting such exhibitions! I'm always in awe of ancient history and how the people lived their lives then. It's amazing. I really hope to visit Xi'an in China one day to see more of this!

marox79 said...

A friend of mine visited the Xian warriors when they were on display in Madrid and absolutely loved it. They had 12, I believe.
This seems a must-see exhibition. Or a once in a lifetime, at least.

Berry T said...

Oh! This is definitely a must see!

Unknown said...

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