Monday, October 17, 2011

Re-organising the Stash

All right.
Those of you who have followed me for a while,
would know that my family ain't exactly the most supportive of my nail hobby.
Particularly my mum.

But once in a while,
even they do something that would leave me utterly stunned.

Like how I came home on Wednesday night to find this sitting in my room.

Me: "Erm, Mom! What's this thing doing in my room?"
Mom: "Why, its for your nail polishes! I think it should be big enough to hold all of them"
Me: *Cue stunned look*
Mom: "Yeah! And look at the height! It's almost perfect for those nail polish bottles!"
*Grabs those Chanel bottles and chucks them in to demonstrate*

Mom: "And you can use these baskets to store the polishes. It'll be easier for you to pull out the bottles too."
Me: *Feels faint and falls into the nearest chair*

Heh. Anyway, I got down to organsing and de-stashing on Sunday morning.
Yeah. The 2 pics are showing how I stored those polishes before.
Definitely all over the place and thrown all together into boxes
*Is embarrassed*

Like this huge bin where everything is just dumped in.
Now you guys can understand why I have to go "digging" for dupes in the past?
I meant that literally! LoL!

And here's the stash in all its organised glory!
I felt so happy at the end of it!
Heh. Actually I grabbed my lunch in front of the damn cupboard
and just stared and ate and grinned like some manic.

The shelves are organised by colour.
Heh. I prefer doing them by colour although I know some of you guys do it by brands.
I just find that I can find dupes quicker this way =)

So now I have whole shelves of blue, green and purple.
The reds and the pinks share a shelf,
while my browns, whites, blacks, oranges, golds and yellows share another.

The baskets on the extreme right of each shelf hold polishes that I intend to purge.
Yeah. They're sorted into colours too! =)

Though when I showed my colleague the pics,
she asked, "Whoa! So now how are you going to bring your secret office stash home?"
Oh yeah.


Laura said...

That was so nice of her!

Pretty said...

yey! how awesome!!!

Berry T said...

I was shell shocked! But yeah :) I really appreciate it. Been staring and grinning at the cupboard for the past few days!

Yups! Absolutely! ;)

Alexisaurus said...

That is so lovely!!! It's happy she gave you this! Now you don't have to dig for the polishes! I love it. I understand how people are not supportive. Certain family members are the same way with me.


Susy said...

That looks awesome! It looks really good, I would be staring at it too! :)

Millie said...

That is a great story! My mum feels the same way yours does. Who knows, maybe she'll surprise me some day!

Berry T said...

Awww.... But it also sounds like you have people around who are okay with it! I hope that's more than enough to make up for the others.

Hahaha. You know what. It's been a few days and I'm still staring and grinning :)

I hope so too! One day! You'll just never know ;)

Liz J said...

So how many polishes do you have? I'm guessing 300-400 bottles. The cupboard looks great!

Berry T said...

Heh. The last time I counted, I went over the 500 mark. Scared me enough that I stopped counting

Alice @ NailsbyAlice said...

I organize my collection (smaller than your) by colour too :)

Berry T said...

I'll love to see that rainbow of yours! =)

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