Monday, October 3, 2011

OPI Zom-Body to Love

Ok, I'm going to have themes for October.
Yeah. That's right.
There's just too much things going on in October.

Theme 1: Halloween related.
So I'm going to try to pick polishes with names that reflect mythical/supernatural elements.

Theme 2: Breast Cancer Awareness.
Cancer Awareness is something that is close to my heart.
So it is not just about breast cancer but all sorts of cancer.
It just happens that most people are aware of the association between pink and breast cancer,
and to me, any form of awareness that would aid in the research, prevention, awareness and cure is great.
So pink will feature quite strongly this month too.

Theme 3: Depression Awareness
This was something that Scrangie reminded us a while back,
that October was also Depression Awareness month.
There are many forms of depressive disorders/conditions,
and a lot of people out there who suffer from them.
Unfortunately, I suspect that actual numbers are under-reported.
There are those who do not understand how debilitating this condition can be,
or worse still make light of the condition.
This isn't something that you can just easily "get out of".
Treatment for depression though is well-established with fairly good outcomes.

Sad to say,
one of the most common factors that results in poor outcomes,
is the failure to comply to treatment,
e.g. defaulting appointments, not taking prescribed medication, etc.
So if you do know/suspect someone is suffering from depression,
please do encourage them to seek treatment.

Theme 4: Those from my September Haul!
Heh. I'm just so excited by some of them,
I don't think I wanna wait too long!

So to kick off October,
I have for you today a polish that fulfils 3 outta the 4 themes I have.
OPI Zom-Body to Love.

I got the OPI 2011 Halloween mini Spookettes set,
so this one's here the tiny bottle.

4 coats + 1 coat Seche Vite TC

Zom-Body to Love is really sheer.
Reminded me of the earlier OPI Glow-Ink in the Dark.
It's almost the same consistency.
Are all glow-in-the-dark polishes like these?

Initially I was really put off by the number of coats.
4 coats and I could see the nail bed.
Plus, it can get frustrating dealing with 4 coats with that damn tiny OPI brush.

However, I changed my mind when I saw this in the day.
Yup its sheer,
but it reminded me of jade.
The lovely clear grass-green kind of jade pieces.

And it wasn't just me who thought this way.
A lot of my colleagues loved the colour and likened it to having "jade for nails"

And here's the glow-in-the-dark picture of it!
My very first glow-in-the-dark picture!

And did I say how awesome my colleagues are?
I got this picture with the help of 2 of them.
I just couldn't get my point-and-shoot camera to capture anything like this,
asked one of them for advice
and the next thing I know,
she said she would do it for me.

So we stayed back in office one day when she brought her DSLR along.
Another colleague helped with the room and lights,
all just so she could see it glow and participate in getting this up for my blog!

I love where I work.


Susy said...

Your glow in the dark picture turned out great, I think it's the best one I've seen so far!! And how nice of your colleagues to help you with it! :)

Berry T said...

Thank you Susy! I'll definitely share your comments with my colleagues!

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