Saturday, October 22, 2011

MAC Jade Dragon

Here's the other dragon I have:

MAC Jade Dragon

3 coats + 1 coat TC

TC this round is a mixed one.
I combined my bottles of Poshe, OPI Rapidry and Seche Vite that were getting goopy and added tons of Restore.

Gorgeous dark emerald green with that teal shimmer/sparkle.

This one was kind of meh when I put it on,
but wow-ed me in the sun.

I took quite a long time taking pictures,
because I was too busy admiring the teal flash

Caution though if you still haven't tried this one yet.
It stains upon removal.
Like serious staining.
I had Martian nails for like a couple of days!

Last pic was shot inside a taxi.


greeneyespinknails said...

Gorgeous shade although I am not a fan of MAC polishes. This type of color often stains...must be the malachite pigment. Try dunking your nails in lemon halves for 5-10 minutes; that trick usually helps.

Berry T said...

Thanks for the tip!

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