Tuesday, October 11, 2011

MAC Bad Fairy

Since we saw Enchanted Fairy yesterday,
I will present another fairy today.
MAC Bad Fairy

3 coats + 1 coat seche Vite TC

There was a bout of rainy days when I had this manicure on,
so by the time the sun came out,
there's a bit of tipwear.

Ok, this one has been reviewed and compared to death on so many other nail blogs,
I shall not say much about it.

Except that its sparkly, duochrome gorgeous.

Last one is an indoor pic


Pani Skeffington said...

Bad Fairy isn't that bad! Actually it's much better than the previous one ;> Really like it on you.

Laura said...

Love this! It's so gorgeous and unique. I have no MACs but this one intrigues me the most!

Berry T said...

Thank you Pani :)

There are some MACs that are pretty cool as well. You should give them a try if you ever have the chance.

Alexisaurus said...

Seeing these swatches made me realized that I don't give this polish enough love!


Berry T said...

LoL! Glad to bring it more love from you ;)

tracey said...


Berry T said...

*brings pail and mop*

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