Monday, October 10, 2011

Essence Enchanted Fairy

Essence Enchanted Fairy

2 coats + 1 coat Seche Vite TC
Could have used a 3rd coat,
but I was in a rush.

Lilac-Pink with a slight silver shimmer that keeps it from being too Barbie-ish.
The silver shimmer is really subtle,
just enough to give it an icy feel
but without becoming frosty.
Actually I kinda see this one as a polish great for winter.

I love this so much,
I immediately did a pedicure with it too!

I really like the Essence polishes.
I got this one while the brand was briefly in Singapore.

I introduced my best friend to it then and she got Underwater to try.
Now its her fave polish,
and she's already lamenting that her bottle is going to be gone soon.

I wish someone out there would bring Essence into Singapore.
I'm very sure it will be a big hit.


Anonymous said...

I'm loving this polish, too, and just like you I immediately put it on my feet, too! You're right that Essence polishes are so good for their small price, although I admit I love Catrice even better. Catrice is the "bigger sister" of Essence, a little more pricey but their colours are so unique!

Berry T said...

Simona! My pedi twin!
I totally get you too about those Catrice polishes! I only own a few but I love those that I have! Essence and Catrice are awesome. I really wish they're available here in Singapore :(

stopdidine said...

i love this polish, very nice color

Berry T said...

It is pretty isn't it :)

NY*NAIL*DIVA said...

awesome color!

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