Sunday, October 9, 2011

Dripping Blood

I was very inspired by the many "dripping blood" manicures that I have seen on blogs and youtube,
that I was so tempted to create one myself for Halloween.

Polishes used:
OPI Vodka and Caviar,
mini OPI Mummy Knows Best (from the Spookettes mini set)

But instead of the blood dripping from the tips,
I envisioned a real bloodied set of cuticles.

Flooded the cuticles on purpose,
and didn't even bother to do any clean up.
Just so that it would look a bit more realistic. lol.

One of my colleagues shuddered when she saw my nails.
She said she couldn't imagine the pain if it were for real.

Another one thought it was a freaking cool Halloween mani,
and wanted to know if I would re-create this for our office Halloween party.

Yet another one took a look and went, "Ewwwww"

All appropriate responses I guess.


NY*NAIL*DIVA said...

Bleeding cuticles! LOL, awesome!

Berry T said...

heh. Glad you think its awesome =)

Alice @ NailsbyAlice said...

this was very inspiring!! :)

Alexisaurus said...

Your nails look fabulous! Love 'em


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