Monday, October 31, 2011

China Glaze Halloween 2011 Haunting Collection: It's Alive

Yay! There was sun!
So this is just in time for Halloween!

The one that I really wanted from the Haunting collection:
It's Alive

3 coats + 2 coats of my combined TC

Yeah. This one eats TC.
Even at 2 coats of TC,
it was still feeling a tab bumpy

I would recommend wrapping the tips too with your TC.
Otherwise the edges of your nails could feel a little sharp from those glitters.

The first time I wore this,
I didn't realise and ended up scratching myself.

And yeah.
I love this one so much,
I've already worn it twice.

Gorgeous swamp green glitter.
This one is seriously jam-packed with glitter.
Super sparkly.

Straight into my Top 10.

It's Alive is definitely my favourite from this year's Halloween offerings.
I'll love to hear about yours though.

In case I miss out on another awesome polish!

Last 2 are indoor pictures.

What's your favourite from this year's Halloween offerings?
and Happy Halloween folks!
Have a blast at those parties!


DesertNails8 said...

Aw, I'm drooling over this polish! It's all sold out at stores near me, too. I didn't buy any Halloween polish this year - I wanted to get this green glitter. I did get some nice winter holiday polishes though.

Laura said...

I love this one! For me it's still untried, but I can't wait to wear it!

Berry T said...

I really hope you'll get this one! It's too pretty to pass up!

What you waiting for?! LoL

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