Sunday, October 30, 2011

China Glaze Halloween 2011 Haunting Collection: Haunting

Squeezing in the last Halloween collection for October.

China Glaze's offering for this year's Halloween:

3 coats + 1 coat TC.

Silver glitter in black base.
Nothing particularly spectacular about it.
In fact, after organising my stash,
I think I may have dupes in Jessica Black Ice,
as well as Essence Moonlight Collection: Into the Night.

I'll get the comparison done one day k

Haunting is a little on the thick side.
Nothing too terrible that you can't work with it though.

But I will definitely have to see which of the 3 I will want to keep.
Particularly since this colour doesn't really excite me.
It's kinda normal.

And I only got the glitters from their Halloween collection this year round.
The others didn't call out to me.
But the other one, It's Alive.
Hopefully there's sun today,
so I can show you how gorgeous it is!

Last picture is the in-the-cab shot.


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