Sunday, September 25, 2011


I have been so taxed with work and personal stuff that I haven't been able to get down to nail art as much as I like.
Sometimes, even when I have the time and opportunity to do so,
I'm so exhausted,
I tend to just slap on a simple mani,
and be done with it.

So when I had some time the last weekend,
I told myself to just do something simple.
I grabbed 3 bottles of Zoya, namely:
Dove, Yummy and Moxie (left to right)
and just started painting.

Added some flat-faced silver holo ball sequins for added pizzazz
and this was what I ended up with.

I apologise for the tip wear and dropped sequins and crappy cuticles.
I finally went back to my pole dancing after more than a year's haitus,
and my hands were protesting quite a bit about it =P

This nail art is simple and easy to do really,
but it sure grabbed quite a bit of love and attention from the people around me.

And it also brought about the lament from my colleagues that they missed my nail art.


Nail Designs xox said...


Berry T said...

thank you dearie =)

Alexisaurus said...

Ahhh! What an amazing manicure! I love it!


Berry T said...

Thank you! This one is really simple. You should give it a try!

Kayleigh said...

This is such a nice mani! Hope you will have more time for more amazing nail art ^^

Berry T said...

I hope so too Kayleigh! =)

thenailaholic said...

I LOVE the sequins you added!

Berry T said...

Thank you :)

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