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SpaRitual Bloggers' Night

Finally! Post is up as promised!
Took me a damn long time to sort through the photos!
And an even longer time to type out this post!
But its finally done! Yay! =)

I got my first ever invitation to a bloggers' event:
The SpaRitual Bloggers' Night.
Boy. I have to say that I was supremely excited about the event given it was my first invite.
Furthermore, SpaRitual was also a brand that I have often heard about within the nail community,
but never got the chance to try as it wasn't available here in sunny Singapore.
Till now.

SpaRitual products are now available at the Essence Vale Spa in Traders Hotel Singapore.

Anyway, I'm pretty sure most of my readers would have known about SpaRitual,
but just in case you have never heard of them,
or would like to find out more,
I've put together a short introduction to the brand.

Founded by Ms Shel Pink,
SpaRitual is also the sister brand to Orly.
This is a eco-conscious, luxury brand that is committed to creating multi-purpose eco-friendly products and packaging
SpaRitual's products are vegan and certified organic.
The brand also frowns upon animal testing and animal by-products.

Dedicated to the ancient spa tradition,
SpaRitual's philosophy encourages women to understand beauty as a holistic connection to oneself and to the environment.

Personally, I liked how SpaRitual combines the mind, spirit and body in their definition of beauty.
It is also interesting how they adopt concepts such as colour therapy, chakras and numerology as well.
This may be too "New-Age"ish for some,
but on the whole, interesting and unique.

Just for my readers:
For those of you interested in purchasing SpaRitual products,
SpaRitual has very kindly offered a special 10% discount off ALL products!
Valid till end of October 2011,
simply send your order via email to and quote "Sparitual_happyberrynaiad" in the subject header.
Instructions re payment and shipping/collection will be conveyed to you via email as well.

For viewing of SpaRitual's range of multi-purpose products,
pls visit SpaRitual's website,
or like the SpaRitual Singapore facebook page to receive regular updates.

Right now, there is also an ongoing facebook promotion as well!
The first 250 fans who like the facebook page will stand a chance to win SpaRitual travel size products and vouchers!
Last I read from their facebook updates,
SpaRitual is also including some mini nail lacquers in the prize pack as well!
So hurry!

Right. So before moving on to the event itself,
I have a disclaimer.
Some of my pictures ain't the best quality,
cos I forgot to factor in the dim hotel lights :P
Definitely inexperienced at these sorta events.
But well, live and learn eh.

The array of products that awaited us when we arrived at the Traders' Hotel.

And here's Jamie of the blog (Squoval)icious explaining to us about SpaRitual and their products.
Jamie is SpaRitual's Singapore ambassador.
How cool is that!

All right. I'm going to delve straight into the products.
Which is what is most important right?
For some of the products featured here,
I have the accompanying pictures of slides that were presented to us.
so I'll skip talking about those,
otherwise this post is going to be way too long.

First up:
Handprint Hydrating Hand Salve,
Handprint Hand Serum,
and Open-Minded Organic Sugar Scrub

Details on the Handprint Hydrating Hand Salve.
I apologise for the tilted pictures.
Its hard to get a straigt on shot from where I was seated.

Details on the Handprint Hand Serum

The Open-Minded Organic Sugar Scrub.
Made with 70% certified organic ingredients and French Lavender essential oil,
the scrub balances the crown chakra.
Certified organic sugar-crystals loosen and lift dead cells
while detoxifying the skin and drawing moisture from the environment to keep skin naturally hydrated.
French Lavender deeply soothes and restores dry skin.
Skin is left soft, renewed and glowing.
No synthetic dyes, PEG-free, biodegradable, and paraben free.
(taken from the SpaRitual website)

We all got the chance to try out the above 3 products.
The hand salve is touted to work wonders for extremely stressed hands,
while the hand serum has anti-aging properties.
I liked the way both the salve and serum settled into the skin,
although there was a little of an oily residue left.

Personally though,
I think it is going to be hard to tell you how well these work with just one try.
I do have sample sizes of the salve and serum,
so what I'm going to do is to test those out till I finish the samples,
then I'll come back and report to you guys about it.

Having said that,
I do want to say that I really liked that these were wonderfully scented.
I really liked the smell of the french lavender essential oil present in the scrub.
heh. I was smelling my hands all the way while walking to the ladies to rinse it off.
Lavendar scent is a special favourite of mine that just calms me down.
Probably comes from being soothed in spas with lavender scents in the air.

I also enjoyed the ginger scent that's in the hand serum.
Ginger happens to be the other favourite scent of mine.
Again, the result of traditional indonesian spa treatments that employ jamu (indonesian for ginger),
and I love ginger tea,
and er... I can actually chow down quite a bit of cooked ginger slices.
What are the chances are that both my faviourite scents are employed by these products?!

Heh. I actually enjoyed the scents of those products so much,
I actually missed a bit of Jamie's presentation when she moved on =P

Cuti-Treat Cuticle Gel,
Nutri-Thick Growth Support for Thin Nails,
and Cuti-Cocktail Pen and Pusher

Cuti-Treat Cuticle Gel:
Made with 78% Certified Organic ingredients,
Cuti-Treat Cuticle Gel brings nourishing growth support to thin, weak nails by treating dry damaged cuticles at the root.
Formulated with SpaRitual's RevitaPlex System bringing a therapeutic blend of Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein to condition,
Green Tea & Ginkgo Biloba to hydrate and stimulate circulation;
boosted with Pineapple to soften overgrown cuticles,
while sealing in natural antioxidants to promote healthy cuticles and nails.
(taken from the SpaRitual website)

Nutri-Thick Growth Support for Thin Nails:
Nutri-Thick brings powerful growth support to thin, weak nails.
Fortified with SpaRitual's RevitaPlex System delivering a strengthening blend of Wheat Protein to rebuild the nail structure
and Green Tea and Ginko Biloba to stimulate circulation,
boosted with Calcium for extra nail building resilience,
promoting nail growth for healthy, resilient nails.
(taken from the SpaRitual website)

Write up on Cuti-Clean Cuticle and Stain Remover

Though I have to say,
I was a lot more intrigued by this one:
the Cuti-Cocktail Pen and Pusher

A must-have for manicurists and nail enthusiasts alike,
is now available in a convenient pen for easy, precise and hygienic application.
A soothing cocktail of Evening Primrose, Grapeseed and Aloe Oil that penetrates the nail matrix,
Cuti-Cocktail is scented with aromatic extracts of Ginger and Fuji Apple,
and helps to smooth, hydrate and protect skin around the cuticle area,
preventing hangnails and promoting healthy, strong nail growth.
(taken from the SpaRitual website)

This is the brush portion used to apply the cuticle gel.
Pretty handy actually.
All you need to do is twist a little and the brush will be coated with suffient amounts of gel for all your fingers.
I can't speak for its efficieny though without putting it through rigorous testing.

What really drew me to this product though,
was this rubberized pusher.
I took the risk and tested it against a finger.
Glad to report that it is definitely not as damaging as using those metal cuticle pushers (which you should NEVER EVER do).

In fact, I like it even better than the orange sticks.
I'm half-tempted to get one of these for myself,
if not for the fact that I have yet again busted my shopping allowance this month.

Eco Foot File

and the accompanying slide

Eco Nail Files

I find it interesting that there 3 different grades for these.
But heh. I'm still sticking to my glass file.

Andale Dry and Shine Drops,
Fluent Gentle Conditioning Lacquer Remover,
and Impeccable Chip Resistant Topcoat

Accompanying slide write up for Impeccable and Andale.

I didn't get to try Impeccable.
However, I did try their Tout de Suite Quick Dry Topcoat.
Not bad! Dried as fast as my Poshe and Seche Vite.
And doesn't smell as bad as my China Glaze and Nubar Diamont.
Can't speak for wear-ability (of there is such a word) though,
since I took it off immediately the next evening.

I have heard about their Truebond Manicure System though.
So that's something I may be interested to try out in future.

Slide write up on their removers.
I ordered one to try.
Again, will let you guys know the result in future.

Finally. The one that excites me the most.
The Nail Lacquers,
which are 4-Free, i.e.
free of Dibutyl Phthalate, Toulene and Formaldehyde (including Formaldehyde Resin).

All right. I sure as hell didn't know about this:
Apparently their bottles were custom-designed by those at Ferrari.
And there's even a whole write-up about their award winning Plum Cap!

"Each SpaRitual nail lacquer comes with the sleek, patented Plum Cap,
allowing easy opening of the bottle and a non-slip grip while applying the product.
SpaRitual's signature brush is also specially designed to allow for precise lacquer application.
The shorter brush length offers more control and accuracy of lacquer application.
In addition,
our bottle is crafted in Italy from reusable glass with up to 50% recycled materials
and is recyclable with proper care.
SpaRitual nail lacquers are vegan because we use mica in our shimmers instead of guanine (fish scales)"
(taken from Sparitual brochure)

Wow. An entire paragraph just on the Plum Cap, brush and bottle.

The back of their nail lacquer displays also come with interesting chroma guides,
as well as an explanation to the numerology system.

we were introduced to the new seasonal nail lacquer collections:
Twinkle, Wilde and In Pink.
These 3 collections form the Fall and Holiday collections for 2011.

The Twinkle Collection

SpaRitual's promo pic.

Twinkle is inspired by the magical warmth of the holiday season
(taken from SpaRitual's Fall 2011 Newsletter),
and comprises of 6 nail lacquers, namely:
Blue Moon - Midnight Violet Shimmer
Illumination - Silver Glitter
Solstice - Textured Gold Foil
Break of Dawn - Red Sparkle
Shooting Star - Velvet Magenta Shimmer
Twilight - Deep Amethyst Purple

These are also available in mini size, 5ml.
For reference,
the normal size bottles are 15 ml.

(Poor) pics of the colour chart provided.

The Twinkle collection actually threw me off a little,
because one would expect the traditional reds and greens when it comes to holiday collections.
In this aspect, I think SpaRitual did well to stand out from the crowd.
I particularly liked Blue Moon, Shooting Star and Solstice,
even though I was pretty sure Solstice would give me jaundiced hands like no other.

The Wilde Collection

Promo pics

Wilde is inspired by the spiritual energy of the wild woman archetype and the dancing Shiva.
Discover your inner spirit child and unveil the beauty we all know and possess.
This collection is feminine, sensual and intense.
The shades are jeweled,
with a mystical depth of color in each layer.
(taken from SpaRitual's Fall 2011 Newsletter)

Wilde comprises of:
Instinct - Majestic Purple Shimmer
Spirit Child - Fire Red Shimmer
Running with Wolves - Patina Copper Shimmer

Rhythm of Life - Jeweled Emerald Shimmer
Sacred Ground - Multi-Faceted Gray Glitter
Howl - Black Gold Shimmer

Also available in minis.

The stand-outs for me from this collection are Rhythm of Life and Sacred Ground.
Sacred Ground was a particular favourite amongst the bloggers that night too.
I've already worn Sacred Ground as a proper manicure.
Twice in fact!
Unheard of from me in such a short period.

The last collection for the day: In Pink,
SpaRitual's 2011 Cancer Awareness Collection.

In Pink is inspired by the resilient beauty, strength and perserversance of all women.
These prismatic nail lacquer shades are specially formulated with Pink Diamond powder,
symbolizing the strength, knowledge and clarity that all women possess.
Help support early cancer detection,
20% of all proceeds will be donated to Cancer Schmancer.
(taken from SpaRitual's Fall 2011 Newsletter)

The 3 lacquers in this collection:
Strength - Pink Lava Shimmer
Knowledge - Pink Gold Glitter
Clarity - Pink Stone Glitter

Also available in minis.

Cancer Awareness collections have come to hold a personal meaning for me.
I got all 3 of these in minis.

The SpaRitual team also brought along some of the other nail lacquers in their core line.

See if you can spot the following lacquers:
Optical Illusion, Fickle, It's Raining Men, Crystal Waters, Emerald City, etc.

Pretty minis for us to try as well =)

So. I definitely swatched.
All ten fingers with different colours.
And I looked real silly taking pictures during a break at a conference the next day.
Unfortunately, it was a cloudy day,
but I really couldn't wait to get it off!

So not the best pictures,
but I promise I'll have proper swatches of some of them for you in future!
In fact, I'll post Sacred Ground tomorrow k!

The unsightly right hand.
Pls ignore the badly damaged fingers.
They took a real hard beating and are on the road to recovery.

Pinky - Optical Illusion (4 coats)
Ring - It's Raining Men (3 coats)
Middle - Crystal Waters (2 coats)
Index - Rhythm Of Life (2 coats)
Thumb - Shooting Star (2 coats)

The preferred left hand

Thumb - Sacred Ground
Index - Twisted Vine
Middle - Howl
Ring - Illumination
Pinky - Strength

Well. I sure hope you enjoyed my first coverage of a bloggers' event.
Thanks for reading!


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