Wednesday, September 28, 2011

September Hauls

Gah. So I busted my polish budget again this month.
Sigh. But I blame it on limited editions and promotions that ain't to be missed.

Firt promo: Free international shipping from a-england.
And I've been dying to try these 2 polishes for the longest time ever:
Tristam and Lady of the Lake

Second promo: Bloggers' event discount.
SpaRitual In Pink collection in mini size:
Clarity, Knowledge and Strength.
I've just done the post on Strength yesterday.

SpaRitual Wilde collection in mini: Sacred Ground (bottle in the middle)
I've also posted the mani I did on Sacred Ground a while back.

SpaRitual Twinkle collection in mini:
Illumination (left) and Shooting Star (right)

I was damn tempted to get more actually.

Free sample size of the SpaRitual Hand Salve and Hand Serum,
which I will post review of once I finish using them

China Glaze Metro collection:
Trendsetter, Westside Warrior and Skyscraper

Trendsetter post coming right up soon too!

Then I dropped by the Elianto store to pick up Racing Green for someone,
and picked up Persian Indigo for myself as well.

Well... since I'm there right?
I might as well grab something for myself right?

Then I couldn't not get the OPI 2011 Halloween mini set!
I just had to have it!

And lastly, the limited edition Les Jeans de Chanel:
Blue Rebel, Coco Blue and Blue Boy.

Sigh. I almost talked myself out of getting this collection.
Set me back by a freaking $108,
which in itself is already more than my monthly polish budget.
But then I remembered the regret I had when I didn't get the Chanel Khakis.
And Chanel regret is the MOST EXPENSIVE regret ever.
So yeah. Those damn Chanels too.

Sigh. I shall just live on grass for a bit.


Laura said...

I want to cave on the Chanels as well. They're so gorgeous! If they were OPI I probably wouldn't be half as excited about them, lol. But they are undeniably lovely.

Berry T said...

I know exactly what you mean! I probably wouldn't think twice about not getting them if they were OPIs. OPI regret has never been as bad as Chanel regret!

chocaddict said...

Hi sweetie! I'm slowly getting back on blogging tracks though I checked out on you regularly while I was gone. Great, great haul!! I have a strong love/hate feeling for those Chanel ones so I can't wait to see your swatches and read what you think of them. (PS will be in Germany for the last time in a long while next month, do send me your WL ^_^)

Berry T said...

Marie! It's so good to hear from you!! I know about your blogging. Heh. I'm still following your blog actually and I just drooled over your Beetlejuice post! Those polishes look awesome! I'll be sending you a proper email this weekend to catch up! and THANK YOU so much for the wonderful offer!

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