Saturday, September 3, 2011

Revlon Not so Blueberry

Another scented polish from Revlon: Not So Blueberry

3 coats + 1 coat SV TC

I took more pictures of this one as its a subtle duochrome.
Colour shift between lilac and some sort of silvery blue.

Don't really like this one though.

I think its the smell that put me off.
This one was just too cloyingly sweet,
like some really sweetened fruit that is starting to go bad.

Plus my friend took one look at it and declared,
"this is so not you".

By the way,
theme for this month is back to the purge bin.
Again, I need to destash some.
Plus, I probably will be doing some comparison posts too to help in this process

So this Revlon's going straight to the purge.


Melanie said...

Well I think the color is nice :)
ofcourse I can't smell it from here ;)

Janis Lane said...

I had to buy this as *soon* as I saw it. To think I never noticed it! I love it :D

Berry T said...

Sigh. I know my friend said its not me.
But seriously, if not for the smell, I really wouldn't mind the colour

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