Monday, September 26, 2011

2011 Formula 1 Singtel Singapore Grand Prix

Once in a while,
I'll write about how awesome my colleagues are.
Today, again, I'm going to demonstrate the awesomeness of my colleagues.

So some of them were aware that I really wanted to go watch the Formula 1 (F1 for short) Grand Prix that took place last weekend.
Unfortunately, I couldn't afford the tickets.
Not when I busted my budget shopping for other stuff.
Plus, I occasionally thought that watching it on TV is a lot more action-packed than catching it live.

So when one of them won the ticket to the Friday Practice sessions,
he very kindly passed it to me to go!
All he asked for was to have the pass back after,
cos he really liked the look of the pass.
Sure! Not a problem!

Absolutely made my day =)
My colleagues just grinned and watched me do my butt wiggle in the office.

Gate 3 to the Padang Grandstand
Actually I didn't really want to just sit around,
found it a little boring that way.
So I just walked around the entire Zone that my pass would allow.

There were several stands around selling the offical F1 merchandise.
Very very crowded.

My pics hardly show the crowd cos it was still early when I snapped these pics.
But man, as the night went on,
the crowd around these stands just swelled and swelled.

I was really tempted to get those last 2 sleeveless tanks.
Restrained myself though since I busted my shopping budget.

More mechandise.

One of the many stands erected around the race tracks for easy viewing.

And here's the first glimpse of the race car that I managed to capture on my point and shoot.
I don't own a DSLR or any of those cool cameras that were flashing about that night.
So no way I could capture a proper shot of any of those amazing race cars.

I got vids though.
Lots and lots of vids.

Pics of the race tracks along cityhall.

The Esplanade over-looking the tracks.
(The Esplanade is Singapore's performing arts venue)

Heh. Accidental shot that got 2 race cars in.

The Stamford grandstands.
I wasn't allowed in,
so could only take the pic from afar.

The Singapore waterfront skyline at night.
It looked really pretty =)

And yeah.
I walked from late afternoon till night.
Walked and gawked.

And for those who were tired of walking and gawking,
you could always drop into any one of the many restaurants and pubs along the way.
With the TV on to show the live action too!

Doesn't it look exciting from here!
All that lights and noise!
And it was definitely ear-defeafening!

And while making my way up there,
I bumped into this trio

The race track along the waterfront.

The stage at the Padang.
A lot of celebrities were invited to perform, including Shakira, Linkin Park, Boy George, etc.
Unfortunately none of these big names were scheduled to perform on Friday =(

And for budding race car enthusiasts,
you could also have a go at these computerised model race cars.

And I managed one fuzzy shot of the Ferrari race car.

But I definitely got a lot of vids like this one:


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