Friday, August 5, 2011

Nail Salon experience: Fingerworks

I did say I was going to post about my experience at the nail salon a while back.
Anyway, both the mystery mani and pedi were done at the salon

Ever since I started getting into polishes,
I stopped going to nail salons.
Saved myself a bunch of money that I could use to get pretty polishes that way

But for the bride's hen party,
we decided to go for a group mani and pedi session.
Googled and came across this nail salon called Fingerworks
There was some pretty good reviews and when I called,
they were willing to give us an exclusive party.

I didn't get any pictures of the salon itself,
but the place was really small.
There were only 3 seatings!

Here's a pic of the polishes available.
Not a lot and these were mostly OPIs,
but decent enough range of colours.

In Singapore, I hate it how a lot of salons stock up on the pinks and reds
but go sparse on the greens and blues and other less traditional colours.
So I was quite happy to see that even though the polish selection was small,
there were a good bunch of blues and greens to choose from,
like OPI Hey! Get in Lime, Teal the Cows come Home, Jade is the New Black.

They had a bottle of Absolutely Alice as well!
In fact, they had several bottles of old D'Ced OPIs!
They refused to sell them to me though =P
I ended up choosing one of them for the mani

The other thing that I liked about the place was that they allowed us to decorate the place.
We also brought in our own food and drinks,
and they were really nice in letting us use their fridge and stuff.

Unfortunately, I can't say that I was too pleased with the nails I ended up with.

I was very firm about not letting them cut my cuticles,
but wavered on the filing of nails.
Totally regretted that.
I should have told them to leave the length alone.

I mean the nail techs were all very nice and polite,
but sheesh, I ended up with nails that were crooked and weirdly shaped to me.

Plus I don't think they knew how to handle quick dry TCs
Can you see how badly the TC was applied on my nails?
After I took pics of the mani,
I removed the mani and chopped off the nails.
Ended up with really painful nubs =(

Toes fared slightly better.
All I had to do was round off the sharper edges when I came back.
Plus I loved how they scrubbed and rubbed off all the dead skin.
Now that's something that would make me return to any salon.

I loved the OPI I picked for the toes too.
In fact, I liked it so much,
I went and ordered a bottle for myself.
Will swatch that one another day.

But all in all,
I don't think I'll ever return to a nail salon in the near future,
unless it's for the pedicure.
I might consider going in once in a few months just for that purpose.
Otherwise, I'll leave the nails to myself.


Ange said...

I made the same mistake - my talons were gettin' oddly shaped so I said "oh, I'll treat myself and have them just shape them, lalala" - yeah, worst.idea.ever. I came out with nubbins, a mani with bald spots & a top coat so thick it was still denting 6 hours later. Never again!!! These salons are so into the LCN & Acrylics, they don't know how to do a decent mani anymore. Not to mention they do not know how to file nails - I'm still suffering weeks later with peeling nails because the tip wasn't sealed properly.... ugh!!

Thanks for letting me rant.... :)

Berry T said...

Lol. No problem Ange! I can totally empathise!

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