Tuesday, August 30, 2011

It's been a while since

I got down to some nail art.
Yeah. Realised that after colleagues pointed out that they missed my nail art.

Unfortunately, we've been having some really gloomy weather here.
I haven't been able to get decent pictures at all.
So these were just taken in the office while the storm raged outside.
I couldn't wait anymore,
or more, the mani couldn't wait anymore.
It was starting to want to chip =)

Base is Orly Sky-Blue Pink,
tips were done in Cutex Huckleberry
and those swirly lines were done using pink acrylic paint.

A little outta practice already.
The lines I drew with the non-dominant hands were really awful.
Need to practice again =)

By the way,
I'll be posting about August's purge tomorrow.
It should be up by 9 am (Sg time)
So do stay tuned for it k


Melanie said...

I love it! :D Great manicure

I follow your blog now for a pretty long time and maybe you followed mine on Melaniesnailpolish (The Color Palette), but I moved to a new blog that fits my ideas. Maybe you would like to take a look at www.thecolorpaletteblog.blogspot.com
Maybe I see you there :)

Sarah said...

That is very pretty! Very unexpected colors together, but they look great! :)

Irishenchantment said...

i really like this :D so pretty! xx

Berry T said...

Thank you ladies! :)

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