Thursday, August 25, 2011

Essie Demure Vixen

My bottle pic for this one are horrible.
None turned out accurate,
so I skipped that.

3 coats + 1 coat Seche Vite

I like how Essie jazzed this one up with a purple shimmer tone

This is one of the nudes that I would turn to if I had to meet with a conservative group at work.

Nude, work appropriate and yet pretty


Laura said...

I really like this one! I hear about it all the itme and everyone loves it but for some reason I haven't grabbed it yet.

Samantha Lee Shin said...

The purple iridescent sheen on it somehow reminds me of OPI Hawaiian Orchid... me no likey sadly... :(

Berry T said...

heh. I'm not surprised actually. I didn't think of getting this one for the longest time too. It was only after many many repeated awesome reviews that I started to wonder and finally got it.

Samantha Lee Shin,
I don't have OPI Hawaiian Orchid, so I can't comment on that. You don't have to be sad not liking it though. Everyone has their own preferences =)

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