Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Deborah Lippmann Glitter in the Air

DL Glitter in the Air.
Have been lusting over DL Across the Universe and Bad Romance,
but GitA was the one that made me cave.
Placed the order for all 3 and paid lots for shipping and all.

I didn't put on any underwear for the polish,
so its 5 coats here + 1 coat poshe TC

A little on the thick side,
so I found it harder to manage the 5 coats

Likely to layer it in future.
Saw a post in NB of GitA over a purple and LOVED it.
Definitely will wanna try that!

Love the colour.
Hate the 5 coats.


greeneyespinknails said...

I totally agree: great color but 5 coats! Wow! I hate it when my polish is too thick!

Nice blog by the way. I'm a new follower and actually just started my own blog (; check it out if ever you feel like it and have the time to do so!


Berry T said...

Ty. I'll take a look soon

greeneyespinknails said...


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