Thursday, July 14, 2011

July's new babies

Quick post about new ones that just joined.
Pics taken under florescent lights indoors.

From a swap with a lovely NB'er:

Milani Cyberspace,
Nicole Me + Blue,
Love & Beauty Indigo,
and BYS Yabba Dabba Blue

OPI Garguantan Green Grape,
and Revlon Jaded

Nubar Petunia Sparkle,
and Revlon Perplex

Since I have a little bonus this month,
I also doubled my polish budget =)

From Etude House:

and PP007

A close-up of the polishes.

Cocktail Syrup nails kit in Sunshine Bronze

and in Rose Cocktail.

I actually went into Etude House to try to look for BL009.
I sent mine away in the swap,
thinking that I could just pop back into one of the Etude House outlets to get another one back.
Unfortunately, I think its been dc'ed.
I haven't been able to locate a single bottle of the BL009 in the 4 outlets that I went....


Noelie said...

OMG. I feel awful now. *cry*

Berry T said...

Awwww.... Dun cry dearie! It's really ok. I dun love that one as much as you do really :)

Lee said...

I saw BL009 recently at the serangoon NEX outlet, maybe you could check out that one? :)

Berry T said...

Thanks Lee! I'll call n ask then!

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