Friday, July 1, 2011

It's a non-nail polish related post today

Right, as the title goes,
this one's totally non-np related.
In fact, I was too upset to get pics of my mani despite the glaring sun.
But I just wanted to share these,
and the awesomeness of the friends I've made at work

Anyway, to start the story:
Today's supposed to be the last day before I leave for my long awaited break
Plus, its a FRIDAY. TGIF right?

Man. Things started going wrong from the minute I stepped into office.
Plus I purposely went in a lot earlier so that I could clear stuff up before I fly off.

To sum it up, I didn't do a single thing wrong.
But with the kinda work/field I'm in,
sometimes that doesn't matter to the clients and their families.
And because I work in teams,
I also ended up having to answer for something else that someone else failed to do.

Bottom line:
I ended up getting verbally abused,
wasting time settling something that should not even have happened as a result,
and then apologising for something that someone else failed to do before he went on leave.

Thank god I had the bosses on my side for this,
and they supported me all the way.

As well as awesome colleagues and friends,
whom the minute they found out what happened,
did their best to cheer me up.

And for the life of me,
I have no idea where they found such stickers,
but they grabbed my diary
and made me laugh when they started pasting these:

They said I looked and acted a lot like this when they gave me the air-time to ventilate
erm... I might have looked a bit like the top 3,
but I'm pretty sure I didn't throw a tantrum on the floor. lol

Then they gave me a donut to mark the start of my holiday

And then predicted the state I would return after the break

I'll be flown in looking a little worse for the wear,
and feeling deadbeat

and obviously would just sleep the whole of the next day away.
thanks a million guys.


Pretty said...

lol omg your coworkers are awesome...
I'm jealous. sorry you had a rough day... but at least you work with some crazy funny people.

Berry T said...

Yeah! Esp after today, I really adore them!

Irishenchantment said...

sorry you had a bad day that used to happen in my workplace too it sucks big time! hope you enjoy your leave

shel xx

ChaosButterfly said...

I'm sorry about your rough day, but those stickers are the cutest thing and your co-workers are awesome. And at least you have vacation to look forward to! Take care and relax, girl!

Berry T said...

Irishenchantment, ChaosButterfly,

Yep it was a rough start, but it ended really well n I really appreciate my colleagues who were just great. As you said dear, all I'm thinking about now is my trip!!

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