Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Etude House WH020 Extreme Jewel

I attended a hen party recently,
and part of the deal was a group mani-pedi thing at a nail salon.
Well, so I kinda thought about putting on a glitter polish
and letting the tech do the removal =P

I'll be honest.
As much as I love my glitters,
and with the foil removal method,
I still hate it when I have to remove glitter manis

So since I could sit back and let someone else do the job this round,
I purposely picked this one here,
and laid the coats on!

Etude House WH020 Extreme Jewel.
At least that is the name of the polish from what google informed me
(finds it damn difficult to google for names of Etude House polishes)

4 coats here for complete coverage (and since I don't have to remove) + 1 coat Poshe TC

Love how super blingy this one is.
The pics here were taken when the sun came out after a rainy morning.
It ain't the strongest sunlight,
but man, the mani just sparkled like mad.

My camera hates these bling-like-mad manis.

This polish is a clear base with mostly small silver glitter.
The light purple glitter is probably the one that gives this a lavender/lilac hue,
and there's also some fuschia and teal glitter thrown in to jazz it up.

No issues with the application,
plus it was a smooth finish with the 1 coat of TC.

I layered this one with the pink China Glaze crackle on the day of the party,
and my friends called it OTT (o.O)
Will post pics of that one soon as well.
But I guess muggles just cant take too much sparkle in their lives


Kayleigh said...

It's gorgeous! I have this one too, but I do not have the courage to try it on, because of the removal procedure. Your solution for that problem is evilly great...LOL!

Laura said...

How pretty! Are there any places online to buy Etude House?

Berry T said...

I know exactly what you mean! I had this one for a while too but I never got down to it cos of the removal dread! I have to say though, it's really pretty! Enough that I might consider putting up with the removal for another go at it!

Are you in the States? Cos I understand that Etude House has appeared in the USA. Otherwise, the other place I can think of is eBay

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