Monday, July 11, 2011

Etude House Matte Yellow

I kinda realised after going through my scheduled posts,
that I forgot to mention the theme for this month.

Since I went to Hong Kong,
theme for this month would be Asian-related.
So polishes that have Asia-related names,
or are of an Asian brand would be featured this month.

Today I have for you another one of the Etude House matte polish.
I tried to google but I couldn't find any name for this one,
so it shall just be simply called Matte Yellow.

This one is a 2nd recent release of their Matte collection.
I had already featured one from their earlier Matte collection previously.
The 2nd batch has a pink, robin blue, purple and this yellow.

3 coats

I'm still on the hunt for a nice yellow that would suit my skin tone
So far, nadda.
Most of them either turn me hands grey or lobster.

But even if this one had pulled nicely on me skin,
I still would have ditched it.

I should have known that pastel yellow + matte = bad bad formulae.
Application was bad as hell.
Bald, patchy spots, streaking, and stupid brushstrokes.

Attempted to add 1 coat of OPI Rapidry TC,
but still looks awful to me.

Why did I ever think a Bumblebee yellow would be awesome?

Oh well.
Into the purge this goes.


Cel said...

Such a shame it didn't work out for you. Maybe some glitter on top would salvage it?

Persnickety Polish said...

Oh, that's too bad. :-( I really love the bottle design, though!

Kayleigh said...

Really like the colour on the bottle, but if the application is that horrible, then I'll pass... But a nice topcoat will do the trick. By the way,the name of this colour is Lemon Cheese.

nailandbeautyblog said...

That sucks! It looks like such a pretty color in the bottle :(

Berry T said...

I hated it so much, I took it off once the pics were done! Didn't even think about glitter or anything else =)

Persnickety Polish,
lol. I get that! Etude bottle are either pretty or cute!

Thanks for the info! I googled using lemon cheese and found the others too! So that was really a great help!

yeah babe! I got conned by that pretty-canary-yellow-in-the-bottle look too!

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