Monday, June 27, 2011

Misa Hot Butterscotch

I'm pretty busy lately,
trying to clear up work stuff before I head out for another break.

Misa Hot Butterscotch

2 coats + 1 coat Poshe TC

Colour reminds me of leaves in autumn

Anyway, this reminds me,
I haven't posted my Chiangmai pics yet.

And as for the June purge,
I'm going to be postponing it.
So will be combining it together with July's instead.


rijaH said...

Really nice orange :) Reminds me of a pumpkin :D

Berry T said...

Lol! That was my second thought!
First was leaves in autumn, then it was the Halloween pumpkins!

Nur Khairunnisa said...

That's a really pretty colour and a most excellent name, yum!

I know you've been pretty busy lately but I was wondering if you got my comment about wanting Milani Key Lime Shine from your May purge either as a purchase or swap? Sorry about bothering you again for it but I really do quite want it, I don't have a chrome!

Berry T said...

Hey babe,

So sorry, I didn't see your comment until now!
That chrome is still available if you still want it. You can email me =)

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