Monday, June 20, 2011

Melt in your mouth, not in your hands

Or more like not on your nails in this instance.

My nails today are inspired by the m&ms that one of my bosses has sitting on her table
And when we talked about doing it on my nails,
she got so excited, she refused to let anyone touch the m&ms
until I got my nails and the photo shoot done.

Check this out!
m&ms kindly sponsored by my boss/friend.
erm.... and many more were eaten during the course of the photo shoot!

Polishes used were:

Orly Lollipop (mini bottle)

Orly Snowcone

I did 2 coats of each polish.
The 'm' was painted on using white acrylic paint.
Topped everything off with a coat of Poshe TC

I know how some of you have work environments that frown upon nail polish.
I have to say that I am super blessed and very thankful.
I work in the government sector,
and yet I'm allowed free reign of polish colours to wear.
No one has ever blinked an eye at neon green
and everyone was amazed at the glow-in-the-dark

Though on my own accord,
I do avoid super bright/sparkly/non-traditional tones if I have major meetings or presentations

Not only does no one frown on the colours that I wear,
my colleagues and bosses are also very supportive of my polish hobby!
Ok, most of them don't really paint their nails,
and they're mostly clueless about polish stuff
but they pay attention to my nails and what I share with them.

They've accepted that I have tons of polishes,
and yet would still alert me whenever they come across interesting polish displays!
My boss sent me a pic of the OPI pirates collex and asked if I already have them.
Another colleague brought back 3 bottles of shatter from a brand not available in Singapore after her holiday to USA,
cos she knows how much I adore them and how difficult it is to get stuff here.
And yet another one knows that she needs to alert me asap if she sees the Muppets collex in store.

They let me stop and take nail pics in the strangest of spots
because they know that there's sun and I blog.
They think its just a quirk of mine,
and yet they'll help explain what I'm doing to someone who's wondering.

Even the guys have accepted it.
One of them even told me he has remover in his car,
cos it's really great in removing some car stains.

Anyway, they all got excited at the m&m nails.
And the pics with the m&ms?
I didn't take them.
My colleagues did.
I love ya guys.


Pretty said...

mmm cute

Swååfie said...

Awesome colleagues you have =D
And awesome mani!

Berry T said...

Thank you Pretty!

I think so too! :)

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