Monday, June 13, 2011

The Kreativ Blogger Award

I got tagged by Kayleigh of the blog Box of Polish.
Thank you Kayleigh!

Her blog's new and features some really interesting nail art ideas
I particularly love the sheep + clouds mani that she created!
Awesome cuteness!

So rules of the award:
1) Share 10 facts about yourself
2) Tag 10 bloggers and let them know about it.

10 facts about myself:
1) I love listening to music.
I can recognise songs,
BUT I can never remember titles or artistes.

2) I secretly enjoy playing Restaurant/ Bakery/Fashion Story on my iphone
even though I sneer and say its a dumb game.

3) I live in constant denial as to the number of polishes I own.
They are still at 400.
*shoves other boxes under the bed*

4) One of my dream travel destination is Cambodia
and I've promised my best friend that we will go together.
But each time we start planning for it, something happens.
And Cambodia still remains a dream.
Hopefully 2012.

5) My next dream travel destination is Spain.
Honeymoon dream destination.
So I need to quickly find a man and get married.

6) I cannot kneel.
ok. Technically I can.
But its damn painful.
Both my kneecaps have sustained severe injuries.

7) I love Ben and Jerry's cookie dough ice-cream.
On Marks & Spencer's potato crisps.
My ma thinks its a recipe for disaster.

8) I am anal.
I sort all my work files.
and added dividers and tags and labels and post-its to categorise the contents in each file.
I get pissed when someone transfers me a file that is not even chronogically sorted.
I've considered doing a spreadsheet for my polishes.
But that would mean knowing the total.

9) I like Little Twin Stars

10) I fail at remembering numbers.
I cannot even remember my own mobile number sometimes

Right. So I have to tag 10 bloggers.
I have to confess.
I haven't been reading the blogs often.
Given my horrid schedule and distracting interests,
catching up on blogs is now done on the go.
So I won't be tagging 10,
but here are the ones I will tag:

1) Emerald Sparkled
2) Painted Lady Fingers
3) Simply Rins

Yeah. That's it.


Minty said...

"So I need to quickly find a man and get married." Hahaha! I love reading facts about bloggers. Congrats on the award!

Berry T said...

Thanks Minty! ;p
And I'm still lookin' around for that fella! Lolx!

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