Tuesday, June 14, 2011

How about some Fruit Salad?

I came across this nail art design in the nail art magazine, Nail Venus
and thought it would be a really apt one for this month's theme.
So I set about trying to replicate it.

Sorry, it was another rainy cloudy day
and the minute the sky cleared,
I snapped the pics

My first attempt at using filmo pieces.
I didn't realise until it was too late that these could curl in certain directions
I should have tried it out before sticking them down on the nails.

Didn't turn out as I expected
but still kinda cute nonetheless
And this one drew a lot of attention from the people around me.

and erm.... attention grabbing ain't exactly great when you have a meeting
(which completely slipped my mind when I planned this mani)


ThRiSzHa said...

wow cool i love it

Berry T said...

Thank you Thriszha

rijaH said...

Haha hope no one noticed at your meeting then ;D

Berry T said...

Lolx. Unfortunately someone noticed. And that led to everyone noticing it! I had at least 3 colleagues who even made me pose my hands so that they could snap pics!

rijaH said...

Haha well at least they seem cool about it :D

Berry T said...

Hee... Yep! My colleagues have been really cool about my hobby. They've know to point outpolisj displays to me in stores & have gotten used to my snapping nail pics. in fact, some of them even have helped me explain to others (less aware) what I'm doing when I'm caught with the camera! Lolx. I think even my bosses are aware!

rijaH said...

That's so cool :D I havent told many of my collegues about it. Since I sometime blog from work... hehehe no need to have to explain that suddenly ;D

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