Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Chiangmai Day 1

Ok, I better get down to posting this.
It's already been a month since I came back from Chiangmai.
It was a short trip, but really fun filled.

Day 1,
we arrived pretty late in the evening,
so all we had time was to check into the hotel
and then head for the night market.

Here's the main lobby of the hotel we stayed in,
the Lotus Hotel Pang Suan Kaew

and the rooms we were allocated.
Looks pretty in the pics right?

But a word of advice if you're thinking of heading to Chiangmai,
don't ever book this hotel.

The aircon was leaking,
so was the toilet.
The sofa was badly stained and I didn't dare sit on it.
The staff didn't understand English,
and didn't really bother much about the repairs or anything.
There was only one channel on TV that showed bad and/or old English movies that repeated itself every day.
I finished watching the Prince of Persia in broken up portions over the days I was there!
Plus the food sucks.

Thank goodness the beds were at least clean.

The Sunday Walking Street night market,
which is located in old town Chiangmai.

Some pics of the goodies that can be bought.
My friends and I bought quite a bit of stuff,
and they were really good offers.
I got like 3 pairs of bedroom slippers for about 20 baht each.
That's like less than a dollar in SGD!

Pretty lanterns that I really considered lugging home with me.

Don't these look the cutest?!

And the typical colourful candles and incense available almost everywhere.

You could choose from these cute little leather pieces to be hand made into personalised keychains with either names or short little messages.
We bought like a whole bag of them for friends and colleagues who adored them!
In fact, we were so caught up selecting fave cartoon characters for them,
I forgot to get one for myself!

Now, let me introduce you to some of the people we met:

The first friends that we make in Chaingmai! LOL!
My friends and I were pretty amused by the slogan!

This uber trendy uncle all decked out in the latest fashion!
Imagine sunnies at night?!
He sure attracted quite a lot of attention!

There were also plenty of street performers there,

The violin player

and these two girls who I thought looked really sweet in their traditional performing costumes.
Love their smiles!

The night market also had food stalls.
So if you're of the adventurous sort,
you could really sit down to have a meal there.

I didn't know there were snow shrimps until I got to Chiangmai!

Meat on sticks!
My friend went ahead and bought a couple of these.
The smell of the meat was too strong for me though,
and I chickened outta tasting.

Of cos, we didn't just stop eating there.
We went to a nearby Black Canyon Coffee Cafe.
Well, they had free wi-fi =)
and really really good and cheap Thai food too!

Must try:
The phat thai (stir-fried rice noodles with eggs and seafood)
and the lemongrass drink! One of the best I've ever had!
Totally refreshing!

damn. Now I'm getting thirsty thinking of that drink!


rijaH said...

Looks so awesome :D I could surely use a trip there :)

Berry T said...

If you do head for Thailand, you should do a few places! Chiangmai, Chiangrai, Bangkok are all great places to visit!

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