Saturday, May 7, 2011

Ulta Black Lace

Today is Singapore's Polling Day for General Elections 2011.
While I recognise that our elections is probably unique compared to other countries,
it is still an event of great importance.

I am not wearing any party colours.
Instead I deliberately chose Ulta Black Lace.

2 coats + 1 coat China Glaze Fast Forward TC

I am staying in a constituency which is being closely watched and hotly contested.
While I have made my choice and am not sitting on the fence,
I would be upset no matter which party wins.

Back to the polish,
Black Lace is a lovely blue-grey that is so dark,
it is almost black.
I don't think I own another dupe to this one,
but then again, I don't think I usually go for such colours.
But I really like this one.

Unfortunately, the brush of the bottle was a turn-off.
Somehow, I couldn't recall if I faced the same problem when I used Tainted Love.
Either I was too overwhelmed by Tainted Love,
or I have STM.

But it struck me this round that the brush was a lot wider than OPI's pro-wide.
In addition, it was such a short stumpy thing.
I had a difficult time applying and tended to flood the cuticles.

Indoor shot.

I'm staying up tonight to catch the results of the Polls.
This GE may be a milestone one


peripatetic33 said...

black lace is a great base to layer over

Berry T said...

I'm sure! Already have some ideas in mind about crackles n layering. :)

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